Throw away your TVs

The Great Wasteland is done. It’s hit bottom. I suspect everyone has heard about
Sherri Shepherd, a new co-host on a talk show for stupid women, who doesn’t accept the theory of evolution and, by the way, isn’t so sure about the shape of the earth, either.

Way to go. Way to reinforce the idea that women are incurious airheads. Way to inform and educate and encourage thinking — hire an idiot to help anchor your program in idiocy.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?
    September 20, 2007

    What was worse was the attitude. She wasn’t just saying she didn’t know, she was implying that she was RIGHT not to know, because she’s been too busy with important stuff to bother with that. She was essentially implying that Whoopie’s question was a stupid one, but NOT for the same reason it would be a stupid one to ask the average ten year old.

    Please don’t tell me the average 10-year-old in the USA still doesn’t know the Earth is round. Please. <tremble>

    Regarding the Sun-around-the-Earth poll in #55, I think there’s a difference between people who actively believe the Earth is the center of the universe (Bible sez so!), and the incurious lot who just don’t remember anything they learned in school.

    People enter school without already knowing…? <tremble some more>

    When Doctor Watson first meets Sherlock Holmes, he discovers that Holmes doesn’t know that the sun is the center of the solar system and the earth moves about it. When so informed, Holmes does a shrug of his shoulders and says he’ll do his best to forget that information because it is useless to his work.

    Sherlock Holmes also takes codeine…