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Travel day!

I’m flying away today, on my way to New York to attend a little event honoring the winners of the second annual Seed science writing contest. This is really good stuff: the contestants tried to explain what it means to be scientifically literate in the 21st century, and make suggestions for improving scientific literacy for…

A new Molly, and new blogs

We have a new Molly winner: congratulations to David Marjanović! I’ve also updated the blogroll with a few new names.

Why do we need a secular America?

The Atheist Alliance convention is coming up this weekend in Washington DC, and one of the things that they’re planning to discuss is a generic atheist symbol. Among others, they want to consider the Affinity symbol that was proposed in this thread, oh so long ago (by the way: Godfrey Temple, email me so I…

We “passionate” atheists

Can we stomach another label? How about “passionate atheists”? An Arkansas minister objects to the very idea. Not long ago the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published an interesting article entitled “Passionate Atheists.” This caught my attention immediately. My first thought was, “How do you get passionate about nothing?” If no God exists, what is there to get…

We “amoral” atheists

You would think Yale would attract a smarter class of stude…oh, wait. I forgot what famous Yalies have risen to power in this country. OK, maybe it’s not surprising that a Yale freshman would raise the tired canard of the “amoral atheist”. Recent years have seen an influx of anti-religious publications in the Western world,…

Hello again! It’s amazing the things that are going on right under our noses (undergraduate noses that is). I was wondering why we can continue to form so many memories in a life time with no new cell growth after a specific age. If every memory is a new reconstruction of interacting neurons firing off…

We “naive” atheists

It’s bad enough everyone is using this “New Atheists” label: various critics keep inventing new ones. Some letter writer to the Independent has decided to call us “Naive Atheists” because we are unaware of the implications of atheism. However, let’s forget about the unfortunate history of atheism for a moment and concentrate instead on its…

More on Vitter

Wesley Elsberry covers the contemptible David Vitter’s stealth funding for creationism efforts. Vitter’s a devious little sneak, and it’s good to see him exposed.

Jesus was a dirty hippie

And I think I like him better that way. Some Belgian bishops don’t.

Carnivalia, and an open thread

A few carnival notices, and an opportunity to speak your mind. Go for it! Friday Ark #157 I and the Bird #58 Humanist Symposium #8 A new Tangled Bank will be coming up next Wednesday at Aardvarchaeology — send those links in to me or