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What’s your image?

I came across this interesting meme: google for the image that comes up first for your name. I was a little surprised by what “pz” returns, but I think it is entirely appropriate.

How peculiar — I’ve gotten several requests in email to comment on this plaint from Theodore Dalrymple, a fellow who doesn’t like those “New Atheists” like Sam Harris and Dan Dennett. It’s peculiar because I’m here at a conference with Sam Harris and Dan Dennett (and others who do not consider themselves “New Atheists”)— should…

Happy Halloween!

I know, it’s not very scary, but here’s something that might strike terror into a few hearts: October 2007 has been Pharyngula’s first million visit month. I remember the first month I broke 300 visitors (Woo hoo! Ten readers per day!) so I find it a little frightening.

I found an article about new brain cells that I thought was really interesting. Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine discovered the mechanism behind how new neural cells are integrated into the adult brain. It turns out that new neural cells take a while to mature and fully integrate themselves into existing neural networks…

Cafe Scientifique — tonight!

Tonight’s the night for the inaugural meeting of

That holy flail

Guilt-ridden Christian: If I don’t obey God, he’s going to make me suffer for all eternity. Evil-angelical Christian: I don’t make you obey God, I’ll be responsible for your eternal suffering. That link will take you to a despicably manipulative video on GodTube — a dramatized letter from Hell in which a young fellow about…

My naked little friend

If you are wondering who that little guy is on my shoulder, you need to be enlightened. Of course they’re beautiful. I keep a model right next to my spring-loaded squid toy. So you want a closeup?

Should this student have been suspended?

This is a troubling story if you just read the right-wing perspective: a student at Hamline University (an excellent liberal arts college in the Twin Cities) was suspended for writing a letter to the university administration. That shouldn’t happen, I’d say — we want to encourage free speech. Even if the student seems to be…

Jesus vs. T. rex

Who would win? I think this is he definitive answer.

Pope Ratzi confirms the bankruptcy of religion for me once again.