I see stupid people

Halloween is coming, and you can enjoy the haunted house theme of the 78th Carnival of the Godless.The Quackometer tells us that we’ve been very naughty boys and girls, and of course it’s perfectly natural at this time of year to hang around in the Boneyard. That’s nothing, however, I have something far more terrifying to show you.

Yesterday, I naively asked how stupid the Discovery Institute thinks people are. This was a mistake. I suspect the Discovery Institute thinks people are pretty darned stupid. Worse, I’m afraid they might be right.

Both Orac and Mark note the recent series of mind-numbingly credulous articles from CNN. One reports that a third of people believe in ghosts, which is horrific enough, but then CNN has to go and pander to their gullible demographic and publish an article on what to do if your house has ghosts. Their final answer: get an exorcism done, or learn to live with the spirits. Gah.

Here’s one factoid that burned me, though, and made me cringe deep inside.

The most likely candidates for ghostly visits include single people, Catholics and those who never attend religious services. By 31 percent to 18 percent, more liberals than conservatives report seeing a specter.

Liberals do have an unpleasant infestation of New Agey nonsense in our midst, and I knew that…but non-church-goers also swallow that nonsense? Just more evidence that the sets of the superstitious and the religious are not equal.

And then Greg Laden has to remind us all of another frightening fact, that one third of the life science teachers in Minnesota are creationists.

So it looks like the answer is that about a third of the American population, spread across the political spectrum, is mostly hopeless, and that should terrify you all.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?, OM
    October 28, 2007

    [...] the Discovery Institute [...] I’m afraid they might be right.

    LEADING EVILUTIONIST IS AFRAID DISCOVERY INSTITUTE “MIGHT BE RIGHT”!!!1! Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Quotemine Generator®.


    The 19 Hz infrasound is very interesting.


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