Mulifunction drugs.

While I would love to devote all of my time to neurobiology, I do have other classes that require my attention. In one of those classes I am writing a research paper on tuberculosis. While researching tuberculosis I began wondering if there were any strange cases where tuberculosis has neurobiological effects. A google search brought me to this article. While this is not exactly what I was looking for, it did pique my interest. It seems like drugs taken for one thing end up treating another as well. In Biochemistry we recently had to read an article about how the obesity drug Orlistat is a possible cancer treatment. I just wonder how people first begin to realize that a drug taken for one thing affects other areas as well.


  1. #1 Brownian, OM
    October 29, 2007

    What I find interesting is how some drugs can affect people who are not even using them.

    For instance, alcohol makes me funnier, smarter, and more interesting, while simultaneously making any women near me more attractive.

    However, the effects can vary wildly: when my father used alcohol, it would simultaneously make him angry and my mom cry.

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