What’s your image?

I came across this interesting meme: google for the image that comes up first for your name. I was a little surprised by what “pz” returns, but I think it is entirely appropriate.

Really…you don’t want to cross me.

Doing an image search for “PZ Myers” returns a photo of me and Richard Dawkins first (which is OK!), and a picture of Cheri Yecke second, which I find terribly, horribly insulting.


  1. #1 Petter Häggholm
    November 1, 2007

    I get a picture of me as the first image hit, then an icon from my homepage, then a picture that I drew. Then some silly mug from a blog where I left a comment. The web search is all about me. All.

    I suppose it helps that there are only about fifteen Häggholms in the world and that I am both the only one named Petter and, among us Häggholms, the most computer savvy and the most active on the internet…

  2. #2 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    November 1, 2007

    Googling my forename isn’t terribly exciting – all mugs, all bland. The full name is more appropriate…

    - 5th photo is The Swedish Chef muppet, subtitled “Torbjörn Larsson said”.
    - 7th photo is a fox with his catch. (Well, probably a tame fox waiting for its feed considering it is actually posing, but the name of this game is image-ination. :-P)
    - 9th photo is a post card heckling creationists, linked to Pharyngula.
    - 11th photo is Trophy Wife? #1. (The swedish queen.)
    - 20th photo is subtitled “The Torbjörn Larsson effect begins …”. (In swedish.)

    … but of course I’m not in there.