Some observations on working with zebrafish:

Their vision isn’t as reliable as I thought. They would try like there’s no tomorrow to swim through the Plexiglas wall when there’s a hold only a few inches over. If I want to continue my experiments without having an aneurysm, I’ll have to make a few changes.

1 – The walls will have to be marked up opaque so that the fish don’t keep trying to swim through them.

2 – Since they have trouble navigating the single chamber, I’ll have to use plastic sheets to funnel them toward the door.

3 – I have a new set of tests to run. Is it the food that draws the fish into the food chamber, or is it the pheromones of the “social reward” of other fish that is repulsing the fish away. Once I get back to school after Thanksgiving, looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.