We now have a copy of the vile, biased e-mail that cost Chris Comer her job. It’s unbelievably one-sided and horrible — I swear, it’s like using your office network to harrass co-workers with explicit porn. It turns out that this offensive e-mail was from the NCSE, and referenced the Center for Inquiry; if only it had mentioned the ACLU, it would have achieved a hellish trifecta.

The mind-blowing e-mail is below the fold, to protect innocent eyes.

To: Glenn Branch
From: Glenn Branch
Subject: Barbara Forrest in Austin 11/2
Bcc: [redacted]

Dear Austin-area friends of NCSE,

I thought that you might like to know that Barbara Forrest will be speaking on “Inside Creationism’s Trojan Horse” in Austin on November 2, 2007. Her talk, sponsored by the Center for Inquiry Austin, begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Monarch Event Center, Suite 3100, 6406 North IH-35 in Austin. The cost is $6; free to friends of the Center.

In her talk, Forrest will provide a detailed report on her expert testimony in the Kitzmiller v. Dover School Board trial as well as an overview of the history of the “intelligent design” movement. Forrest is a Professor of Philosophy in the Department of History and Political Science at Southeastern Louisiana University; she is also a member of NCSE’s board of directors.

For further details, visit:


Glenn Branch
Deputy Director
National Center for Science Education, Inc.
420 40th Street, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609-2509

Oh, yeah, them’s fightin’ words, words to make a Texan quake in his boots and watery filth run down the inside of his chaps.

Actually, it seems to me that Texans have gotten mighty dandified if that letter makes them squeal.


  1. #1 Todd
    November 29, 2007

    I’m an atheist. I don’t care for Bush. I’m not overweight. I have full bladder control. I think evolution is one of the greatest discoveries of all time. I’m awed and enthralled by the existence of an un-guided 13 billion year old universe. I’ve read Dawkins, Hume, Hitchens, Epicurus, Sagan, d’Holbach, Shermer, Mayr, Adams, Russel, Lucian and Lucretius. I don’t own cowboy boots, or chaps, or a gun. I like squid.

    And I live in Texas.

    So tell you what PZ, if you’re coming to my home town of San Antonio in January for the SICB annual meeting I’ll make sure they put out the sissyfied picante sauce for you. But if you’re man enough I’ll buy your blue-blooded Minnesotan ass a drink and treat you to Tex-Mex food so damn hot you’ll be sloughing more endothelial tissue than Cheney when he molts.

  2. #2 David Marjanovi?, OM
    November 30, 2007

    who never set foot outside North America before getting elected as President.

    Untrue. Didn’t teach him anything, however.

    And lay off El Paso. She’s homely, but she’s honest.

    ¿La Pasa?

  3. #3 David Marjanovi?, OM
    November 30, 2007

    who never set foot outside North America before getting elected as President.

    Untrue. Didn’t teach him anything, however.

    And lay off El Paso. She’s homely, but she’s honest.

    ¿La Pasa?

  4. #4 Ichthyic
    November 30, 2007

    If you think some nutjobs in TEA are going to get mileage trashing evolution here, you just aren’t looking at all the facts.

    have you considered, given your current governor, who is the one who appointed McKnucklehead, that you might be in denial? that you are, in fact, contradicting your earlier statment:

    It is true that they were appointed by elected officials, but you need to realize that much of that has to do with republican politicians paying back the pressure groups that got them elected and less to do with what they genuinely belief.

    again, how does it matter what the governor believes, if he’s enough of an idiotic to destroy education in his own state simply to “pay back” right wing supporters?

    It’s nice to think one can project from an academic atmosphere outwards, but that simply isn’t the case.
    the numbers simply aren’t on our side.

    For every right-wing nutjob there’s a sensible citizen who knows the difference between opinion and reality.

    …and who utterly failed to prevent the gerrymandering and slander campaigns coming from the Karl Rove camps.

    Yes, Texas USED to be a blue state, once upon a time. Not after Karl was through with it, though.

  5. #5 Ichthyic
    December 2, 2007

    Alvin: Chipmunks shouldn’t concern themselves with matters which require use of the brain.

    I got my first big laugh of the day envisioning Alvin’s comment being vocalized in a high, chipmunk voice.


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