They’re violent, murderous bastards. Rudi Boa, a scientist, got into an argument with Alexander York, an ignorant ass, while on a backpacking trip in Australia. Boa was arguing for evolution, while York was arguing for idiocy. Later, under the influence of alcohol, York attacked, stabbed, and killed Boa.

York was just tried and sentenced to five years in jail, eligible for parole in three. The judge apparently thought York was a man of good character.

As Greg Laden put it, “Stabbing an evolutionist to death, in Australia, is not considered a serious offense if you are a person of good character.”


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?, OM
    December 14, 2007

    Jeremy – I’m not familiar with the Australian justice system, but over here in America, judges often make biased decisions based on their own personal prejudice. That’s what comes of being a politically elected official.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but AFAIK the USA is completely unique in electing its judges.

    During the presidential election of 2004 I saw an ad in the forest of “X for president”, “Y for senator”, Z for dogcatcher” ads that were standing around: “[name] — Republican for Judge”. That was the greatest shock I’ve had in the last… 7 years at least.

    “Yeah! Vote for me! I will not be impartial!!!”



    Now, to return to the topic <consciousness slowly returning from *headdesk* — there’s a metal bar in the desk which prevented it from breaking)>:

    So who is it who chooses to give up control by getting drunk, then?

    This is a very good point.

    If marijuana is illegal, why isn’t alcohol…?


    Still seems light by the standard in US sentences.

    By that standard it probably is!


    considering the invalid flailing and irrational name-calling on a drop of a hat and outright hatrid I’ve seen among IDiots vs. the outright surprise and pitying loathing and disgust I’ve seen among evolutionists, let’s just say I’m not surprised that the situation happened “this way” rather than “reversed”.



    A three year sentence is very brief compared to a death, and constitutes both a rather weak deterrent and a scant protection.

    Hah. The only deterrent that works is a high chance of getting caught. If all murderers — not manslaughterers, murderers — thought that they would be caught, only religious and similar fanatics would be murderers anymore, and even they wouldn’t be serial murderers. In the real world, people think “yeah, if they get me I’ll get life in the slammer, but I have carefully planned the perfect crime, so they won’t get me (…and even if they get me, they won’t be able to prove anything)”.