Talk Radio … the horror, the horror

It’s a good thing that Minnesota Atheists are making an effort to get on the radio. Have you ever looked at the Christian talk radio programming in your area? It’s like a black hole of rampaging stupid, so awfully banal and inane that it’s terrifying. I was just sent the program guide for our major Minneapolis Christian talk station — KKMS, AM980 — and it offers a rather creepy view of their perspective. There are some surprises, though. Guess what venue the big time Intelligent Design creationists use to spread their ideas?

3:00 Hour – “The KKMS Ministry of the Month” – Dr. John MacArthur, Host of the Grace to You Radio Program will tell us about the history of his ministry and how we can be praying for him as we celebrate the KKMS Ministry of the Month.

4:00 Hour – “Understanding the End Times” – R. Paul Stevens, Professor of Martketplace Theology and Leadership at Regent College will walk us through a Bible study he has written that explores the end times and offer some points to consider when studying this topic.

5:00 Hour – “The Creation Museum” – Ken Ham, Founder and President of Answers in Genesis will give us details on how many people have attended the new Creation Museum in Cincinnati, OH so far and how what they’ve seen and experienced there has impacted them.

3:00 Hour – “Understanding the Times” – Jan Markell, Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
4:00 Hour – “Great Getaways” – Jeanie Johnston, Heartland Tours and Travel Group Sales Director
5:00 Hour – “12 Great Choices Mom’s Make” – Robin Chaddock, Teacher and Author

3:00 Hour – “Responding to Atheists” – Becky Garrison, Senior Contributing Editor for The Wittenburg Door Magazine
5:00 Hour – “Ministering Through Music” – David Olson, Worship Leader for The Gathering at Wooddale Church

3:00 Hour – “The Limits of Darwinism” – Dr. Michael Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University
4:00 Hour – “The KKMS Church of the Week” – Pastor Tim Skramstad, Pastor of Living Word Lutheran Church in Eagan, MN
5:00 Hour – “Movie Reviews” – Linda Thomas, Twin Cities Film Critic

3:00 Hour – “The KKMS Church of the Week” – TBA
4:00 Hour – “Terrorism, Christianity and Football” – Jason Elam, Kicker for the Denver Broncos and Steve Yohn, Youth for Christ Videographer
5:00 Hour – “Facts about Intelligent Design” – William A. Dembski, Research Professor in Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

I’m tempted to listen in on a few of those segments, although honestly, the limited exposure to this kind of crap I’ve had in the past does not benefit my blood pressure, and it really ought to be the obligation of non-atheist moderate Christians to be putting these kooks’ feet to the fire. Not that they will.

By the way, their site has an online poll to see who their listeners would vote for in the presidential election — Huckabee, of course, has an overwhelming lead, while Clinton, of course, is dead last. I urge you all to really screw with their heads and go vote.

If you really want to screw with their heads, though, listen to them or your local Christian talk station and call in … and be polite, rational, and undeluded.

I listened in for a few minutes — and managed to catch the hosts complaining that we were “ruining their poll” and “running up the votes”. They also said they thought about mentioning the url to this article, but … you little savages used naughty language. Now go wash your mouths out with soap and sit in the corner until you repent.


  1. #1 Scott LaBounty
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary’s in 2nd now! Let’s keep it up (yes, even you Barak or John Edwards fans). We want Hillary to be #1 to totally freak them out.

  2. #2 Rin Tin Tin
    January 15, 2008

    “…it really ought to be the obligation of non-atheist moderate Christians to be putting these kooks’ feet to the fire.”

    But “moderate Christians” are kooks too — merely a different flavor of kook (like vanilla as opposed to jalapeno.) The fallback position is got-your-back kook solidarity — back-to-back kooks.


  3. #3 Dahan
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary 7% above the evil one now. Time for you Obama fans to step up.

  4. #4 ERV
    January 15, 2008

    3:00 Hour – “The Limits of Darwinism” – Dr. Michael Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University


    A couple of weeks ago, Infidel Guy asked Behe to debate me on his show, and this was Behes response:


    But Behe is available for radio interviews for radical Christian radio programs?



  5. #5 JanieBelle
    January 15, 2008

    Senator Clinton is now leading with 36% to Chuckleberry’s 20%.

  6. #6 Fletch
    January 15, 2008

    Thursday: 3:00 Hour – “Responding to Atheists” – Becky Garrison, Senior Contributing Editor for The Wittenburg Door Magazine

    This might actually be a worthwhile show to listen to. Back when I was a Christian I used the read the Wittenburg Door (it was just called “The Door” at the time). It actually caused me to pause and think. As far a Christian satire goes, they are one of the few and probably the best. Looking at their website, it almost seems to be a parody site made by atheists.

  7. #7 MReap
    January 15, 2008

    Now don’t write off all Xian radio. After all, that’s where I learned, while driving through Kansas trying to keep awake by scaring myself, that Iowa is a liberal state. This fact came to light in a discussion about the REPUBLICAN caucus results.

  8. #8 Bjørn Østman
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary Clinton (139 votes-39.0%)
    Barack Obama (84 votes-23.0%)
    Mike Huckabee (51 votes-14.0%)
    John Edwards (32 votes-9.0%)
    Mitt Romney (13 votes-3.0%)
    Fred Thompson (13 votes-3.0%)
    John McCain (7 votes-1.0%)
    Other (7 votes-1.0%)
    No One (6 votes-1.0%)
    Rudy Giuliani (1 votes-0.0%)

  9. #9 Bob O'H
    January 15, 2008

    “12 Great Choices Mom’s Make”

    Great! They don’t even understand the simplest use of the plural form in English.

    Yes, John Edwards is now in third! OK, folks. Let’s go for “no one” next.


  10. #10 Chris
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary 38%
    Obama 22%
    Huck 13%

  11. #11 Dahan
    January 15, 2008

    Huckabee’s in forth. Gratz all. Keep it up till they pull it.

  12. #12 fusilier
    January 15, 2008

    You don’t seem to realize that Us Liberal Christians don’t get past the call screeners.

    Of course, since I’m Catholic, I’m not a Troo Kristian anyway, but….

    James 2:24

  13. #13 Ondoher
    January 15, 2008

    PZ is EVIL. Hilary is now in the lead by a large margin. PZ better use his power for good.

  14. #14 N.B.
    January 15, 2008

    I suggest pre-loading with verapamil before listening to Christian talk radio, seeing as how the last thing the world needs is for the great PZ Myers to die of a hypertensive crisis precipitated by outrageous stupidity.

    This post brought to you by non-dihydropyridines: I’m in ur cardiac conductile tissue, blockin’ ur calcium channels.

  15. #15 Mercurious
    January 15, 2008

    BTW… I wonder if we could get “Other” above the huckster.

  16. #16 newheathen
    January 15, 2008

    OK, I listen to one (there are many) of our local Christian stations on a regular basis, but only a few minutes at a time. Usually, they are really a hoot! I find it fascinating to see what kind of fantasy land they live in. Most of it doesn’t make any sense to me, and there are many times, though, that my blood pressure rises. In an activist role, what kind of legal liabilities are there to mocking a specific station, say on a blog?

  17. #17 LS
    January 15, 2008

    I am one of those non-atheist, moderate (ok, liberal) Christians. Honestly, we DO try to talk sense to the fundies. They won’t listen. If it doesn’t line up with their version of the Bible, as directly given them by God, it just doesn’t get in.

  18. #18 Fatboy
    January 15, 2008

    When I used to live and travel in the U.S. one of the small joys I had was travelling down to the D.C. area … and listening to AM radio, the ‘dial’ of which which was full of this kind of “how to live your life” and “Evilution is bad” crap

    Try coming down here to Texas. You don’t even have to switch over to AM. Other than NPR, the town I live in doesn’t have any decent music stations. Once you get closer to Dallas/Fort Worth, there are a handful of good ones, but the god bothering/country/tejano really clutter up the airwaves (actually, the tejano’s not too bad, but what I wouldn’t give for a good progressive rock station – man I miss the old HFS from before I moved down here).

  19. #19 Moses
    January 15, 2008

    If the election were held today, I would vote for:

    Hillary Clinton – 38.0%
    Barack Obama – 23.0%
    John Edwards – 15.0%
    Other – 6.0%
    Mike Huckabee – 6.0%
    No One – 3.0%
    Mitt Romney – 1.0%
    Fred Thompson – 1.0%
    John McCain – 1.0%
    Rudy Giuliani – 0.0%

    I picked Clinton because she, more than any ohter, would probably piss-off the fundies.

  20. #20 Brownian, OM
    January 15, 2008

    I guess this is as good a place as any to plug one of the best radio stations in the world: CKUA. Originally the University of Alberta’s campus radio station, it’s a mostly listener-supported eclectic station that plays a huge variety of genres, depending on the host and the show.

    For those of you outside Alberta, you can listen online through streaming audio.

  21. #21 Rey Fox
    January 15, 2008

    But Kristine, Cincinnati IS in Ohio. I swear, you evilutionists will say anything to try to discredit the Lord God Jesus Yahweh Christ.

  22. #22 H. Humbert
    January 15, 2008

    Christians love to talk about how control of elite schools give “Darwinists” unprecedented access to push their propaganda. Does anyone honestly think a few days spent learning about evolution in a biology 101 University class can really hope to overcome years of religious indoctrination via these 24/7 all-nonsense all-the-time radio stations? Creationists spout anti-evolution propaganda from their pulpits, from billboards, on radio and television, and now even inside private museums. They are obsessed with evolution and they have utterly saturated their communities, our communities, with this anti-science misinformation. Personally, the depth and prevalence of this problem keeps me from finding the situation remotely humorous. Creationism may be silly, but creationists are scary.

  23. #23 deathadder
    January 15, 2008

    Have I said yet how much I hate these people?! I hate these sicko wingnut christian fundie conservative nutjobs! But there’s a passionate talk radio antidote in the form of Mike Malloy! He is on weeknights at 9pm.


  24. #24 Mena
    January 15, 2008

    I can’t vote there and I can’t open FSTDT, did we break the Internet? :^O

    As for fundie radio, it’s everywhere. I tend to drive through some very remote areas in the middle of the continent where you don’t bother with FM because there aren’t any stations within range. There are usually only a couple (almost always 2) stations on the AM band, one oldies and one religion. It’s nice to get near cities like Casper or Rapid City just to get a break from all of that.

  25. #25 Kagehi
    January 15, 2008

    I’d rather screw with their heads by casting just one vote — one of millions from active, involved, energetic people who are fed up with the lies and the bullshit of the religious parasites, and who are determined to make some changes by advocating good, real, true things.

    Yeah, if you have to stoop to lying via cookie deletion, you are barely better than they are. After all, you know damn well that they would do that on *official* votes, if they could get by with it, on the theory that Jesus wanted them to corrupt the voting system to get their temporary (until the anti-Christ shows up to lead them to the final war) messiah elected.

    BTW, that is the one I don’t @#$#$# get. If their Bible is right, 90% of the world will jump up to join the anti-Christ, while he will them turn around and kill everyone that didn’t follow him. Well… 90% of the world is either Christian or Muslim, so… who the #$#@$ do they think is going to be following the anti-Christ, and who do they think is going to be the victims of mass murder, the 10% of us that think they are all completely fracking nuts, or all the God believing assholes who, oddly, think they can reach paradise by *siding* with the greatest enemy the world has ever known? I know these people are frelling bad at math, not to mention anything else that requires thinking, but seriously….

  26. #26 AlanWCan
    January 15, 2008

    If you are going to go screw with their stupid poll* (I noticed no Ron Paul, No Dennis Kucinich as options, which is typical), your referrer will trigger suspicion if you go directly from here. You can turn that off in Firefox though, or copy/paste the link into another tab. But if you’re going to vote more than once,** use a free proxy so they don’t get a block of votes with the same IP. Here’s a nice list. Some work, others don’t.
    *Not that I’m advocating doing this of course
    **Really, purely hypothetical

  27. #27 David Marjanovi?
    January 15, 2008

    Well… 90% of the world is either Christian or Muslim, so…

    Isn’t that more like 30 to 40 %?

  28. #28 David Marjanovi?
    January 15, 2008

    Well… 90% of the world is either Christian or Muslim, so…

    Isn’t that more like 30 to 40 %?

  29. #29 David Marjanovi?, OM
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary Clinton – 41.0%
    Barack Obama – 24.0%
    John Edwards – 12.0%
    No One – 6.0%
    Other – 6.0%
    Mike Huckabee – 5.0%
    Mitt Romney – 1.0%
    Fred Thompson – 1.0%
    John McCain – 0.0%
    Rudy Giuliani – 0.0%

  30. #30 David Marjanovi?, OM
    January 15, 2008

    Hillary Clinton – 41.0%
    Barack Obama – 24.0%
    John Edwards – 12.0%
    No One – 6.0%
    Other – 6.0%
    Mike Huckabee – 5.0%
    Mitt Romney – 1.0%
    Fred Thompson – 1.0%
    John McCain – 0.0%
    Rudy Giuliani – 0.0%

  31. #31 Tom
    January 15, 2008

    I did my part–Hillary is now up to 42%. Although I’m going to vote for Obama in the real primary, I felt confident in doing my part for the Hillary cause for these jackasses.

  32. #32 Brian G
    January 15, 2008

    You can vote a few times if you have a couple different web browsers. I voted wit6h Firefox then opened up IE and voted again. Gotta love having different web browsers.

  33. #33 wildcardjack
    January 15, 2008

    Amazing thing, this internet. A friend of mine who does online polls found that 79% of people on the internet are CEO’s of major corporations.

  34. #34 MAJeff
    January 15, 2008

    MAJeff, I have been tempted to go on the tour to the Creation museum, but not for $500. Though I have noticed that they had to reduce the price for the trip… maybe not enough people signed up?

    Oh, it’s the museum? I thought maybe the “real sites of creation” would be on the agenda. If either Jeff or Lee were fuckable, I’d be there.

  35. #35 Enkidu
    January 15, 2008

    Get a the “Redirect Remover” pluging for FireFox. Nobody needs to know where you came from anyway. Get “Cookie Button” to kill cookies from the site. You don’t need no stinkin’ cookies! Then vote away!

  36. #36 Ichthyic
    January 15, 2008

    I can understand your attitude about Christians in general

    then you misunderstand what this is all about, Jeff.

    it’s more about our attitude towards completely ignorant morons that try to spread disinformation and plain old lies than it does about our attitude towards “xians”, and your station’s happily allowing them a soapbox.

    the xian thing is secondary to the moron thing.


  37. #37 Escuerd
    January 15, 2008

    Online polls are just as silly as those “Which supervillain are you?” quizzes that the kids are so fond of these days. Do the people who make these actually think that they’re telling them something (or something they don’t already know)?

    You can’t “mess them up” because they don’t mean anything to begin with.

  38. #38 MAJeff
    January 15, 2008

    Well, at least Jeff is better than many of the fundies, and comes back.

    Still not worth the Creation Trip, though.

  39. #39 Rick R
    January 15, 2008

    “Cuz we aspire to be better than that?”

    Sad to say, that attitude is exactly why we’re where are today….

  40. #40 Rick R
    January 15, 2008

    “Rick – explain please? What exactly are you advocating?”

    I think taking a good long look at exactly how the RR has risen to power in this country is 1) a sobering experience, and 2) indicates that taking the ‘high road’ hasn’t really worked up to now.

  41. #41 Kseniya
    January 15, 2008

    I admit that deceiving a talk-radio call screener isn’t a grave transgression against humanity, but… (Ok, call me idealistic. I’ll grow out of it, I suppose.)

  42. #42 Moses
    January 15, 2008

    Bad Edit Monkey, this: The lying that clearly was contrary to what we saw and experienced.

    Should be this: The lying that clearly was contrary to what we saw and experienced in the world around us.

  43. #43 ERV
    January 15, 2008

    Jeff– We allow all points of view to be expressed as long as it is done in a way that the FCC allows.

    Heh reminds me of a funny story. I was a DJ at our college radio station– not THE college radio station, but the ‘alternative’ college radio station.

    We got a local radical Christian radio station in trouble with the FCC cause they had their transmitter turned up too high. heh Good times.

  44. #44 deang
    January 16, 2008

    Some of those program titles reminded me that in the Texas Methodist church I was raised in, we’d sometimes hear things like, “If Jesus were alive today, he’d be the quarterback on the football team or a corporate entrepreneur!” as well as stuff like, “God wants us to keep our lawns mowed and our hedges trimmed” (meant literally).

  45. #45 Jeff Shell
    January 16, 2008

    You’re on to me MAJeff.

    I see from your blog that you enjoy U2. I just saw a screening of U23D at an IMAX theater today. You’ve got to check it out. It was almost better than being at the concert.

  46. #46 Ichthyic
    January 16, 2008

    Those who have an accurate understanding of Christianity
    But the Bible might be right and we all spend our time in the smoking section or the non-smoking section of eternity.

    I didn’t even know Pascal was a true Scottsman?

    any other bits of BS you can manage to cram into a single post, Jeff?

    It implies we intentionally try to promote something as true when we KNOW it to be false. That is contrary to our beliefs and would disgrace our reputation.

    oops. How’s it feel living in such denial?

  47. #47 Monkey's Uncle
    January 16, 2008

    He He:)
    I like screwing around with these sorts of poll, so I went and voted ‘other’.
    And then I saw that Hucky had 31% of the vote…Surely the honest Xtians haven’t RIGGED the votes????
    Over here in the UK we have just had Blair ‘come out’ as a fundie Catholic,and explain that his faith had no influence on policy decisions. Yeah right. So the stupid is here too. It’s depressing.

  48. #48 Kseniya
    January 16, 2008

    AJS: We use 10kHz spacing here in the Colonies.

  49. #49 MAJeff
    January 19, 2008

    Don’t you see, fun and goofing off are not allowed. Particularly when making shit out of such serious things as religious belief.

  50. #50 Juddster
    January 19, 2008

    It’s pretty sad, when you atheists and agnostics have nothing better to do than to get on 980kkms’s web-site and take it upon yourself to vote Hillary or Obama. What a pathetic waste of time. Have you ever thought about volunteering at some charity? This would be a better way of feeling good about yourself than voting for communists. How about going to the gym and working out since I’m sure alot of you are overweight and out of shape from sitting at the computer all the time. In fact, this is probably all that a lot you do, for it’s appears that some of you appear to be anti-social and mean spirited(no pun intended)

  51. #51 Ichthyic
    January 19, 2008

    This would be a better way of feeling good about yourself than voting for communists.


    you win twice!


  52. #52 Steve_C
    January 19, 2008

    Took all of 30 seconds to go and click my vote. It wasn’t a waste of time. It pissed off Judd, the little WATB. Mission accomplished.

  53. #53 ERV
    January 19, 2008

    I love random comments like that from anonymous miserable Biblotarians. Cause Im 5’9″, 130 lbs, 13% body fat, 36C, 26, 36. I deadlift +200 lbs at the gym. I also do HIV research for a living. And cancer research. Im the chick Behe thought it fit to diss on THIS radio station.

    What are your stats Jud? What do you do for a living? Or do you just hang out on the internet insulting people just because they dont believe in your sky daddy?