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  1. #1 David Marjanovi?, OM
    January 21, 2008

    Im just curious, what if you have a sense of something “supernatural”. Like the feeling that there is something evil around you. Yet there is no way to “verify” your sense. Does that mean it does not exist?

    If there is a way to falsify your feeling, then yes.

    In case you’re interested, certain kinds of low-frequency sound have been found to induce such experiences in people.

    I would like to use my radio example. I hear music coming from my radio but I have no clue how it happens. I dont understand the “science” behind it. Does that mean it does not exist. I think not.

    Of course not, but you can’t simply reason backwards.

    There was a time when religion thought it could explain the world, then came science, they both come up short.

    “Yes, but we’re working on it.”
    – Richard Dawkins

    Hey Truth machine

    Why so angry?

    He’s always that angry. Just ignore how he says things. But do pay attention to what he says — he tends to be right…

    (and we hate it when truth machine is right.)

    LOL! Good cop, bad cop… :-)