It stands for so much

At last, we have the perfect symbol for America under Bush. Nothing testifies to your pride in a country that is impossible to satirized anymore than fake plastic testicles painted in camouflage colors with a yellow “support the troops” ribbon that you can hang on your gas-guzzling SUV.

I swear, if I ever saw one of these on the freeway, it would be a traffic hazard because I’d be laughing and crying too hard to maintain proper control of my vehicle.

(via Jeffrey Rowland)


  1. #1 liseli k?zlar
    January 31, 2008

    thank you

  2. #2 QregTheBlueMonkey
    September 8, 2008

    Some one may have already said this (not reading all comments), but aren’t these supposed to be the people for “morality” and “decency”? I wonder if they’d think it so funny if I mounted a big rubber vagina to the back of my Oldsmobile.