John West caught quote-mining

It’s no surprise that a fellow of the Discovery Institute would distort his critics, but it’s still entertaining to see the quotes lined up with the manglings. If you’re a real masochist, you can catch West droning out the same old lies on Book TV. I’m not; I heard him speak on this subject once before, and it was infuriating in the depths of his bad history and even worse science.


  1. #1 Form&Function
    February 25, 2008

    the cre(a)ti(o)nists and IDiots don’t seem to get that the standard of evidence requires the person making the extraordinary claim to pony up with the evidence…and that they’re the ones making the extraordinary claim(s).

    Actually, I think what’s happened is that folks like Comfort are all too aware of the phrase “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. It’s been tossed at them too many times for them not to have noticed. But like a sea slug that uses pigments it has ingested from its prey to camouflage itself, the creationists present mutated versions of our own arguments to make themselves look like the sensible, reasonable parties.