There’s a school board election in District 11 of Texas that has a clear choice: Pat Hardy is the pro-science candidate, despite being a conservative, religious Baptist, while her opponent is a deranged lunatic who is quietly outspending her 12:1 while avoiding the public eye altogether. You do not want to vote for Barney Maddox — he is an “ill-informed nutcase”.

Isn’t this weird? Here in Minnesota, we’re affected by the outcomes of local school board races in Texas — allowing ignorant, raving lunatics to make textbook decisions there is going to shape the choices we get to make here. So if you know any Texans, spread the word: Barney Maddox is bad news.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?, OM
    February 28, 2008

    Check out Wobachia, polypolidy, female-killing chromosome before you say stuff like that.

    In fact, no. Google Wolbachia, polyploidy, and the female-killing chromosome.

    And stop this bullshit about “Mother Nature”. If you had ever opened a science textbook, you’d have noticed that no such supernatural being can be found in any of them.