Beale vs. Plait

Now the odious Vox Day is ranting about how the discovery of dark matter and dark energy refute “rational materialist philosophy,” because somehow it ties into the inapplicability of naturalism to “justice, equality, and freedom”. Phil Plait quite rightly slams him back.

I have to give Blake Stacey the prize for the most succinct rebuttal, however.

I don’t understand how people can use the discoveries of science to argue that science is broken. It’s bass ackwards, that’s what it is.

Not surprising, though; Theodore Beale aka Vox Day is a notorious loon, well known for making the most absurd claims as if they were just ordinary common sense.


  1. #1 David Marjanovi?, OM
    March 10, 2008

    One basic thing I don’t get:

    Matter is a form of energy. Ergo, dark matter is a form of energy. Dark energy is obviously a form of energy, too. So why should a philosophical materialist have the slightest problem with dark matter or dark energy?

    Perhaps Mr Beale is living 103 years behind the time and hasn’t come across E = mc yet?

    Apart from all this, I’d also like to direct attention to comment 73.