Egnor gives away the store

Michael Egnor has made a blatant tactical error, and Larry Moran catches him on it. Note what Egnor says about evolution, that it is “obviously true”.

Dr. Wells pointed out that research on antibiotic resistance wasn’t guided by Darwinian evolutionary theory. That evolution occurred — that is, that the population of bacteria changed over time — is obviously true, and obviously was relevant to the antibiotic resistance research. Dr. Wells made the observation that the research owed little to Darwin’s theory that all biological complexity arose by natural selection without teleology.

Larry challenges the IDiots to ‘fess up and agree that they’ve conceded on the facts of evolution and are reduced to rhetorical sophistry, squabbling against this “Darwinism” thing of their own invention. I don’t expect they will; they’ll either pretend it was never said, or begin a little evasive dance, which will at least be entertaining.

I’d like to see the creationists do something else. Egnor’s redefinition shows that their objection is to the absence of teleology in evolutionary explanations, so let’s see them counter it with evidence for teleology. In those bacteria that evolved antibiotic resistance, for instance — show me the hand of a god reaching in and tweaking those genes.


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    March 18, 2008

    Egnor, the intellectual ant, laboring away with burdens larger than himself. [Say it quickly: "Egnor ant", egnor-ant", ...]

    I am consistently disappointed by the lack of research focus searching for The Hand Of God.

    And I’m disappointed by the lack of philosophical focus – AFAIU philosophers maintain that searching will get you The Finger, you aren’t supposed to try to shake The Hand.

    But I swat that away. No Finger Prints means no hand. What, do you think an owner of a Hand would sit idle? I think Thing T. Thing would have something to sign about that.