The miracle of birth!

When Surinam Toads mate, the male fertilizes the eggs and rubs them onto the female’s back, where they adhere…and the female’s skin responds by swelling and enveloping the eggs. Then, a few months later, we get this lovely scene:


  1. #1 Torbjörn Larsson, OM
    March 24, 2008


    I wonder though, is there a specific reason why it is the female that evolved this capability instead of the males or is it just coincidence that it isn’t the sea horse route? (Which itself could be coincidence. I can’t remember from the posts I believe has been up here.)

    For an example of a pathway, initially sloppy laying of sticky eggs could have happened to both sexes.

  2. #2 David Marjanovi?, OM
    March 24, 2008

    Can I just confirm that the toad in the video is underwater


    And they aren’t popping through the skin or something, the skin grows thicker around the eggs.