Tangled Bank #103

The Tangled Bank

The 103rd edition of the Tangled Bank is now online at the Nature Network!


  1. #1 thwaite
    April 17, 2008

    Off-topic, but this has to be brought to PZ’s attention: Octopus sex is more complex than you’d think:

    …Christine Huffard, lead author on a study recently published in Marine Biology, a science journal. “But they interacted so much more than we ever expected.”
    She discovered that the males were very picky and discriminating, that the females would have sex with just about anybody, and that male competition for females tended to be violent and frequent.

    (Anyone familiar with sexual selection theory will recognize that this is a somewhat unusual combination of traits.)
    Huffard’s research was done in Indonesia, and she notes “…Over and over, I’d hear, ‘You came from America to do this?’ “