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So, what does the promotion of jazz have to do with HP Lovecraft? (This isn’t a raven and a writing desk non-connection — there really is a link.)

Doom, doom, doom

If you’ve got an hour, this conversation between Carl Zimmer and Paul Ehrlich is well worth listening to. Ehrlich has a somewhat controversial reputation as an ecological Cassandra…but remember, Cassandra was right.

Dr Who? Dr Dawkins!

It’s a very, very short moment, practically an aside, in a recent Dr Who episode, but there he is. I guess Richard Dawkins has finally made it.

Cheap parking in London!

Well now, isn’t this special: if you’re a religious leader on official business, you can get free parking permits in North London. Mike Freer, leader of the council, said: “The importance of religion to many Barnet residents cannot be underestimated and the council has acknowledged this with a policy that will assist spiritual leaders when…

Blake Stacey, who is a good guy to have by your side in a firefight, has a wonderfully complicated post on this thing called science blogging. He’s mostly stating the obvious: it’s anarchic, it’s very hard to pull out, say, introductory material on a specific topic in science, there are problems of accountability, we don’t…

Like the title says, this is your thread to tell me who deserves the Molly award for June. I’ll aim to announce the winner on 1 July.

SNL circa 1975

Did anyone else catch Saturday Night Live last night? NBC rebroadcast the very first episode with host George Carlin, and I had to watch. Saturday Night Live came out in 1975, when I first went off to college at Depauw University, and it was a major event — every Saturday night, we’d mob the TV…

Radio reminder

Today is the day of the GLBT Pride Parade in the Twin Cities, so naturally today’s Atheists Talk radio is all about the fight against discrimination and for equal rights for all. Tune in at 9am! If you’re godless, there’s nothing to prevent you from supporting civil rights for everyone without regard for their sexual…

World-wide weirdness

Lest Phelps and the Texas Supreme Court leave the unfortunate impression that the US is the sole repository of lunacy in the world, Ben Goldacre’s latest column is about linking mobile phone signals to suicides — there’s a bit of hysteria in one of the British newspapers about it. I like his approach; he called…

Must go wash eyeballs and ears now

Admit it: you’ve been wondering what Fred Phelps thinks of George Carlin. If you’d rather not click, rest assured: it’s exactly what you might expect.