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Well now…if you’ve had a hankerin’ to torture, abuse, and do who knows what else to people at your whim, here’s what you do: move on down to Texas and set up a religion. The Texas Supreme Court just ruled on a case in which a young woman was subjected to extreme distress and restraint…

I’m on another podcast

D.J. Grothe and I tussled again in this week’s Point of Inquiry podcast, in a continuation of last week’s episode.

One of our least favorite institutions, Focus on the Family, has been trying to corrupt the educational system of New Zealand by sending creationist garbage to the high schools. It doesn’t seem to be a serious threat — so far, they’re pretty sensible down there — but there is one internet poll asking whether schools…

A good message

Wisdom from rural Minnesota

Here is an important suggestion, if ever you should find yourself living in rural Minnesota. Always roll up your car windows at night. Wait, you say — that seems unnecessary. This is a trusting part of the world, where petty crime is rare, and people leave houses and cars unlocked all the time. Why not…

The bill from Bogalusa

A certain Brown University biology graduate has taken an unfortunate step, one that we asked him to avoid. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has signed a pro-creationism bill into law, all to pander to evangelical protestant hicks. We know this is a guy with national aspirations, so he’s taking a big gamble that we aren’t going…

Now I see my problem

I need to get a cool hat like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Margaret Downey if I want to be one of the Cool Kids.

You have an opportunity to participate in an Atheist Coming Out Party. You should! It’ll be fun! Atheists always throw the best parties and have the best and smartest conversations!

Octopus kaurna Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide (amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Mark Norman.


The paleontologists are going too far. This is getting ridiculous. They keep digging up these collections of bones that illuminate tetrapod origins, and they keep making finer and finer distinctions. On one earlier side we have a bunch of tetrapod-like fish — Tiktaalik and Panderichthys, for instance — and on the later side we have…