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We’re waiting on you guys…

I’m down at this funky coffeehouse in Fargo, the Red Raven, watching Roy Zimmerman set up. It’s not too late, the show starts in a half hour, so you Dakotans better come on over! It’s a nice cozy little venue, and a great place for a performance. Definitely a great performance — Roy is great…

Moore screws up

Michael Moore, in an interview with Keith Olbermann, joked that “This Gustav [the storm heading towards the Gulf Coast] is proof that there is a god in heaven”. Yes, he was joking, and he was laughing, and we all know that it is not proof and isn’t even evidence of such a thing, so it’s…

Get writing!

OK, gang, I know we’re on a shorter than normal interval here, but still — you haven’t been submitting enough stuff for the Tangled Bank. Write a science post right now and send a link to me. You can do it.

Get ready, Fargo!

Shortly, I’ll be heading north to the lovely town of Fargo for an evening of fine entertainment. Roy Zimmerman will be playing at the Red Raven Espresso Parlor at 8pm! Come on down! If there any other Pharynguloids in the eastern North Dakota area, let’s try and pack the house!

New Chick

As Orac says, the latest Jack Chick tract is pretty loony. Did you know that if you’re a good Christian you can fend off vampires easily?

“Our tribal custom”

Whenever you hear someone defend an action with the excuse that “it is our custom,” “it is traditional,” “we’ve always done it that way,” “it is written so in our sacred texts,” or variants thereof, slap ’em down and spit in their eye. Those are not excuses for anything but the perpetuation of bad old…

Englishman offended!

Some Christian schnook visited a museum, read a sign, and complained to the museum. So what did the museum do? An information sign, which is part of Abington Park Museum’s display about Charles Darwin and fossils, was covered up after a visitor’s complaint. Two parts of the sign, concerning ‘Changing Attitudes to Evolution’, are obscured…

You can prove anything with mock-logic.

Radio reminder

Once again, Atheists Talk radio will be broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair at 9am Sunday. This week, they’re going to explain what humanism is.

Shame on Minnesota

My state is practicing anti-democratic, anti-liberty tyranny right now. Protesters here in Minneapolis have been targeted by a series of highly intimidating, sweeping police raids across the city, involving teams of 25-30 officers in riot gear, with semi-automatic weapons drawn, entering homes of those suspected of planning protests, handcuffing and forcing them to lay on…