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Send me some science links

There’s going to be a new Tangled Bank on Wednesday, 1 October, at Evolved and Rational — so send me your entries soon.

Squid suckers

This photo won an honorable mention in the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. They were robbed! Grand prize or they’ll rip the judges’ faces off! Squidsuckers: The Little Monsters That Feed the Beast Credit: Jessica D. Schiffman and Caroline L. Schauer, Drexel University Crunch. The satisfying sound of a crushed cockroach comes from the destruction…

Shoulda gone to church today

Today is Pulpit Freedom Sunday, that day when the wingnut churches were all planning to preach endorsements of political candidates in defiance of the restrictions imposed on them by their tax-exampt status. I hope the IRS harvests a windfall here — it’s simply absurd that they can demand freedom from taxation because they are religious…

Advertising inanity

A reader just informed me that he saw that the Institute for Creation Research is advertising on Fox News. This is not at all surprising — all it takes is money, and these groups are always buying up ad space anywhere they can get it. There is some amusement in the ad, though: I didn’t…

Wake up, Denver!

There is a big rally for separation of church and state going on today at 3:30, beginning at the west steps of the Colorado Capitol building. Get out there and make your voice heard! This is the information I’ve received about it: Goals: To show support for a wall of separation between religion and government.…

I hope you like Japanese hip-hop. Here’s Hifana: (via Nic)

Radio reminder

It’s the physicists’ turn on Atheists Talk radio today. Tune in at Honolulu Sun 4:00 AM     Sao Paulo Sun 11:00 AM     Addis Ababa Sun 5:00 PM Anchorage Sun 6:00 AM Rio de Janeiro Sun 11:00 AM Baghdad Sun 5:00 PM Vancouver Sun 7:00 AM St. John’s Sun 11:30 AM Aden Sun…

A quick update

I’m at the big Atheist Alliance conference, and this has been the very busy day, so I thought I’d just mention a few of the fun things going on. Last night at Libros Revolución was a blast, and thanks especially to Keith for driving us around. Lots of familiar people from the threads here were…

Debate open thread

I entirely skipped the whole McCain/Obama debate nonsense to spend a very pleasant evening in downtown LA, preaching the godless gospel to the already converted. So…who won?

Friday Cephalopod: Red and purple

Octopus mimus Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide (amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Mark Norman.