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I knew there was a creationist connection to Halloween. Glenn Branch figured it out: When the distinguished philosopher Philip Kitcher recently addressed the creationist movement in his Living With Darwin, he judiciously assessed creationism in its latest incarnation as historically respectable but currently bankrupt, and proposed to describe it as “dead” science. “In light of…

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween, and I’m on my way to Toronto, where I’ll be spending a most unhallowed evening giving a talk. The one thing I regret about this is that I won’t be indulging in my favorite guilty pleasure for this time of year: watching an old horror movie or two. I’ll just reminisce here for…

Friday Cephalopod?

I’m suspicious. There may be cephalopod imposters lurking about today. Xavia

Loligo pealei embryos Figure from Nikon Small World Gallery.

A pox on them all

I really regret ever recommending Kay Hagan. That race has taken a turn from a vivid example of anti-atheist bigotry on Dole’s side, to one where all sides are taking turns bashing the godless to wash off the taint of association with us subhumans with no faith. Greg Laden has a couple of examples of…

She’s baaaack…

A while back, I posted this video of an enthusiastic young atheist — and would you believe that almost immediately after I put it up, censorious theistic jerks started dunning youtube to remove all of her videos and ban her? It’s nice to know that bullying thugs are monitoring Pharyngula to seek out more fragile…

The only afterlife I anticipate

I wouldn’t mind if my corpse found utility in scaring small creationist children.

I get mail

I’m still experiencing fallout from the cracker incident, like the slow drift of dandruff from the flaking scalp of a gyrating televangelist. The latest is a letter from Mr. E.P. Bruk, who I suspect believes he is making a sarcastic point, but is actually making my point for me…that it is absurd to equate the…


Even when he’s making an attack ad, Obama keeps it clean.

Tangled Bank #117

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is at Neural Gourmet.