We need more Tangled Bank entries — the next edition will be at Pro-Science on Wednesday. So get cracking and mail them in soon!


  1. #1 Kristjan Wager
    October 12, 2008

    Remember, Wednesday starts earlier in Europe, so the earlier the better.

  2. #2 LeeLeeOne
    October 12, 2008

    Perhaps, PZ, you need to remind your readers of why we enjoy the fruits of ‘en”tangled bank'”.

    Celebrating the birth year of Darwin (Feb ’09) – does anyone remember or realize the beginning? Darwin’s ‘en”tangled bank'” ?

  3. #3 Brian X
    October 13, 2008

    Hm, postponing that article on tuna populations is looking more and more likely…

  4. #4 Chris Davis
    October 13, 2008

    @ BrianX – Is that wise? The population must be declining constantly.

    I, for instance, had a cylindrical disk of one of them for lunch…


  5. #5 Brian X
    October 13, 2008

    Chris, it really sort of depends on how much detail I want to put into it. It isn’t kitchen science per se, but since tuna species are major food fish, it’s definitely food science. That said, most of the numbers I have are from Wikipedia, and the whole issue is a little out of my saute-pans-and-Harold-McGee usual sphere of experience.

    I do want to do it eventually though, because it’s a huge issue.

  6. #6 Kristjan Wager
    October 15, 2008

    Ok, the 116th edition is up

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