I am Darwin?

Here’s another youtube bandwagon to jump on: I Am Darwin. Get in front of your webcam and talk about how Darwin has influenced you, concluding with “I am Darwin”, and send the youtube link to Tom Barbalet. How many Darwins are out there, anyway?


  1. #1 Sven DiMilo
    November 16, 2008

    We Are All Darwin Now.

  2. #2 Sven DiMilo
    November 16, 2008

    um, except for me, that is.
    I am Spartacus.

  3. #3 Kel
    November 16, 2008

    I think I might give this a go.

  4. #4 Teleprompter
    November 16, 2008

    No, I am Darwin! (And Spartacus)

  5. #5 Glen Davidson
    November 16, 2008

    Could play into the “Darwinist” claptrap of the IDiots, you know.

    Why not “I am Lewontin” or some such thing?

    Glen D

  6. #6 Dana D
    November 16, 2008

    I’M Darwin, and so’s my wife! I mean, and so’s my domestic-partner-until-that’s-illegal-too!

  7. #7 spgreenlaw
    November 16, 2008

    I am the very model of a modern Major-General!

    (Spartacus was already taken.)

  8. #8 Podblack
    November 16, 2008

    There’s one ‘Darwin’ that can use some bandwagon support – Digital Cuttlefish has a book of their Molly Award winning verse out!!
    Get the book out for the ‘I don’t celebrate that holiday’ season!

  9. #9 ggab
    November 16, 2008

    There are those who call me…Tim.
    How about “We are Devo”

  10. #10 Moody834
    November 16, 2008

    @ #9:

    Are we not men?

  11. #11 Nick Gotts
    November 16, 2008

    Since she’s not here to do it for herself:

    SC is Kropotkin!

    (Minus the beard, I’m guessing.)

  12. #12 TSC
    November 16, 2008

    The ID version: I am dumbass.

  13. #13 mindlesley
    November 16, 2008

    When I was 3-4 yrsold,I used to play in the backyard with ants, putting them through suicide missions in bottles and bowls of various fluids, like water, oil, dirty water etc. and then put them into various nests, according to the trials I had put them thru. Some survived, some didn’t. when I met the Rev. Darwin immediately thought I’d met an old intellectual friend.I went to a private catholic school which taught Darwinian (and Aquinian) concepts. the only time they baulked, was when, in the early 1960’s in religion class, I asked (b4 the discovery of quarks),”If a  proton is One and Indivisable , is a proton god. They then took me aside asked me if I still believed in Catholic teachings; when i said “er,No…” they excused me from attending any further religious events (on condition I wouldn’t try to convert anyone to my views (at school). I think that head nun, was a bit of a free thinker herself. Your Aussie mate, Mindlesley

  14. #14 mindlesley
    November 16, 2008

    Can’t get the utube thing together hence text.

  15. #15 Zaius
    November 16, 2008
  16. #16 6for2
    November 16, 2008

    We are DEVO. D-E-V-O!

  17. #17 greg laden
    November 16, 2008

    So, is this based on “I am PC”? Are we really going to fall for this one?

  18. #18 Sven DiMilo
    November 16, 2008

    Glen, on Lewontin’s 200th birthday you can do “I am Lewontin.” If anybody still remembers him then.

  19. #19 Alan Kellogg
    November 16, 2008

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

  20. #20 John S. Wilkins
    November 16, 2008

    Hello. I’m a Mac. I run on Darwin.

  21. #21 Patricia
    November 16, 2008

    I’m an ignorant slut.

  22. #22 ggab
    November 16, 2008

    I am the walrus.

  23. #23 Sven DiMilo
    November 16, 2008

    If you were really the walrus, you’d be able to speak walrusian witout that accent: “goo goo goo joob.”

  24. #24 Patricia
    November 16, 2008

    Huzzah for the Cuttlefish!

  25. #25 Dale Husband
    November 16, 2008

    I am Carl Sagan.

  26. #26 Nerd of Redhead
    November 16, 2008

    Hello. I’m a Mac. I run on Darwin.

    Yep, the good ole Darwin kernel, running as I type.

    Congratulations to Cuttlefish on his book. He’s beating PZ to publication.

    I am Isaac Asimov.

  27. #27 Chris Larkin
    November 16, 2008

    I’m not Darwin.
    But I played him on TV.

  28. #28 Sphere Coupler
    November 16, 2008

    I’m a Sphere Coupler…duh

  29. #29 Shamar
    November 16, 2008

    We are all Darwin!

  30. #30 T. Bruce McNeely
    November 16, 2008

    I am NOT Ben Stein.

  31. #31 Hank Fox
    November 17, 2008

    Crap. I don’t have a webcam, but I wrote something recently about what a difference evolution made in my life, setting me free of the last of that Deep South childhood racism.

    Maybe I’ll see if anybody I know here in Schenectady has one.

  32. #32 Ken Cope
    November 17, 2008

    “I was the walrus –
    Paul wasn’t the walrus!
    I was just saying that to be nice, but i was actually the walrus!”

  33. #33 teammarty
    November 17, 2008



    Childhood memories

  34. #34 noncarborundum
    November 17, 2008

    So, is this based on “I am PC”? Are we really going to fall for this one?

    It beats being based on “I am Joe the Plumber!”

  35. #35 RickrOll
    November 17, 2008

    I am the Individual Eleven! (that actually predates the “i am pc” thing, by a long shot.) Darwin is the Individual Eleven. Our individual egos will carry out our collective will!!

  36. #36 Tony Sidaway
    November 17, 2008

    The “Joe the Plumber” thing has put me off Spartacus references for now.

  37. #37 Ian
    November 17, 2008

    “How many Darwins are out there, anyway?”

    If Darwin is a unit of evolutionary change, there must be trillions of ’em!

  38. #38 ihedenius
    November 17, 2008

    I am not a Darwinist. Darwin is not an authority. But Darwins farreaching insight about the totality of life otoh has been developed and strengthed for 150 years.

    Though just a layman I’m guessing (and hoping) we’re standing at the dawn of an ‘genetic age’ having amassed a critical mass of information (and computer power) to really begin taking advantage. To make biologic matter work for us at the molecular level, for medicine, food, fuel and areas we have not yet imagined.

    I that sense I’m Darwin.

  39. #39 Quiet_Desperation
    November 17, 2008

    He really annoyed me. I mean, if you are going to have a show with a talking dolphin with an electronic translator, why make the translator voice sound like the dolphin so it’s all hard to understand? Just give it a normal voice. Sheesh.

    Oh, wait, there’s another Darwin?

  40. #40 Tom Barbalet
    November 17, 2008

    Thanks for getting the word out, PZ. I look forward to seeing your I-Am-Darwin video!

  41. #41 Sili
    November 17, 2008

    Ah yam what ah yam and dats all dat ah yam.

  42. #42 Brad D
    November 17, 2008

    I’m not a doctor, I’m “The Doctor.”

  43. #43 Cuttlefish, OM
    November 17, 2008

    I am Charles Darwin–ninety-nine point nine percent
    There’s a little variation that I don’t share with the gent
    But we share a common blueprint, which is kinda what he meant
    When he came to the conclusion that we’re all of shared descent

    I am Charles Darwin–what I mean is, I am Man
    I’m a billion trillion accidents instead of One Big Plan
    Just a step or two from chimpanzee or from orangutan
    Maybe more than distant cousins, but you recognize the clan

    I am Charles Darwin–I can’t help it; it’s my genes
    We’re mutation and selection, see, when no one intervenes
    Like a god with claimed omnipotence, or alien machines
    None better and none worse than us, is really what it means

    I am Charles Darwin–I was never Eden-cursed
    I am just another animal, I’m neither best nor worst
    From primordial beginnings, look how widely I’ve dispersed
    Such a beautiful idea…Charles Darwin saw it first.

  44. #45 Kubenzi
    November 19, 2008

    Posted on reddit for more clicks.upmod if you got em

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