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Peer-evaluation of Jenny McCarthy

When you need to address Jenny McCarthy’s ideas, you really need to consult one of her equals: a puppet with rags and styrofoam for a brain.


So…is “bidet-face” a common Romanian insult? Quick! Someone alert Nisbet!

Interpretive dance, really?

Whoa. It’s kind of a standing joke that when our presentation tools fail us, we’ll have to fall back on interpretive dance to make our points. We never mean it seriously, though. Until now. Science magazine challenged researchers to actually illustrate their work with dance, and people did! There are four youtube videos at that…

Friday Cephalopod: Antarctic cutie

Megaleledone setebos (from Strugnell, JM, Rogers AD, Prodo PA, Collins MA, Allcock AL (2008) The thermohaline expressway: the Southern Ocean as a centre of origin for deep-sea octopuses. Cladistics 24:1-8)

For some reason, the holidays turns many people’s thoughts to the contemplation of food. So, as requested elsewhere, here’s an open thread to share recipes, salivate over great meals, or just chat about what’s on the stove right now.

You don’t see that every day

Look! It’s a liberal Christian going toe-to-toe with a conservative Christian creationist! They should have sold tickets.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Or, for you non-Americans, happy Thursday! Or, for you Australians, happy Friday or Tuesday or whatever it is down in your topsy-turvy country where you’ve even got your seasons reversed. Oh, heck, forget it. Happy Day! Find whatever reason you want to celebrate. Again, for you non-Americans, this is a peculiarly American version of a…

Odontochelys, a transitional turtle

Now this is an interesting beast. It’s a 220 million year old fossil from China of an animal that is distinctly turtle-like. Here’s a look at its dorsal side: a, Skeleton in dorsal view. b, Skull in dorsal view. c, Skull in ventral view. d, Body in dorsal view. Teeth on the upper jaw and…

Little Axe, Oklahoma

Americans United has put up a story of religious discrimination from its files. Two women had a little problem with institutionalized religiosity in an Oklahoma public school district. In 1981, Bell had just moved to Little Axe and enrolled her children in the local public school system. At that time, school officials were allowing a…

I’m pretty sure this is satire

I’m not a fan of Toby Keith at all, but I’ll make an exception for this one time. The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c A Colbert Christmas: Toby Keith Sings Colbert at ChristmasColbert Christmas DVD Green ScreenBill O’Reilly Interview