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We have a cunning plan

More advent podcasts

The New Humanist Advent Podcasts continue, with entries from Marcus Brigstocke, Mark Steel, Ann Druyan, Josie Long, Tim Minchin, Philip Jeays, Dara O’Briain, and in a grand finale, Richard Dawkins. I know, it’s a little early — you purists can wait to open the last little door.

What? This isn’t just my schtick?

There’s another blog crashing polls — which I must encourage. Go help Sadly, No! swing a wingnut poll. It’ll be fun! Well, except if you actually read the entries. Then you might cry.

Let’s talk about clean coal

When power plants burn coal to produce energy, the coal doesn’t just vanish into the atmosphere to cause global warming. No, there’s a substantial amount of left-over sludge called coal ash, a nasty mess that is enriched for toxic heavy metals. It is seriously nasty stuff. This glop has to be stored, somewhere, usually piled…

Another mind poisoned

Once upon a time, one of the more popular atheist sites on the web was The Raving Atheist. Then the blogger became the raving anti-abortionist, and most of his readership left — they even set up an independent forum where they could continue their discussions without the weirdo in charge of the blog butting in…

Machines of aggressively loving grace

Squid don’t just make sperm: they package it up into fairly elaborate little torpedoes called spermatophores, which are either handed to the female with a specially modified arm called the hectocotyl arm, or squirted onto her with a penis. Once on the female (or a male, it really doesn’t matter), the spermatophore everts, forming a…

Yeah, the Pope babbles dicta against people who are different from him, so what else is new? In comments at the Vatican that are likely to provoke a furious reaction from homosexual groups, Benedict also warned that blurring the distinction between male and female could lead to the “self-destruction” of the human race. In his…

For the men: hell or paradise?

Oh, all right, the ladies can chime in, too.

The new buzz phrase

Since I professed that Intelligent Design creationism is zombie pseudoscience, but that creationism was far from dead, people were wondering what new slogan or tactic will emerge. It’s already here! It’s been lurking about for a few years now, and Glenn Branch and Eugenie Scott discuss the new tactic at some length. The magic words…

They do have very nice iconography

People keep trying to tempt me into Tarvuism, and I do admit that they have some lovely reverential imagery. However, I am a hardcore atheist, and I deny Tarvu. I even deny Oobu. So I’m sorry, I won’t be joining, even if it is so easy to join. I do encourage and endorse their right…