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Shock this poll

It’s a silly poll, but seeing such one-sided numbers (one-sided in the wrong direction!) just irks me. Teach this person that you can’t just smugly throw up a pointless poll on the internet and expect affirmation. Do You Believe in Jesus Christ? Yes 95% No 3% I Don’t Know/Maybe 1%

A positive suggestion

Feministe has an excellent list of pro-choice charities. Want to do something to infuriate the women-hating anti-choicers and do something positive in honor of Tiller’s work? Donate!

While we’re all feeling a bit shocked at the horrible event in Kansas, we can all turn to the Reagan legacy. Mike Reagan is giving away free copies of a book, Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation, written by (or more likely, ghost-written for) his father, Ronald Reagan. The title is wonderfully ironic, since…

Another abortion doctor gunned down

Dr George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who has long provided abortion services (including late-term abortions) was gunned down this morning. He has been the target of anti-choice fanatics for years: his clinic has been vandalized, he was shot and wounded by one of these monsters years ago, and there has been ongoing legal harassment to…

Whoa. Newsweek tackles Oprah

I’m impressed. It’s a highly critical article about Oprah’s peddling of quackery, and it’s about time one of the big media players pointed out that she is promoting dangerous fake therapies…all with a happy smile, of course, and a message of positive self-esteem for women. It’s still credulous glop, though. It also summarizes why she’s…

The thread that will not die

This comment thread, which has been going on since February — I close them when they climb up to around a thousand comments, open a fresh one, and then you guys fill it up again. I threatened to close it off permanently, but participants told me not to…and if I did, I’m sure it would…

Radio reminder

Today at 9am Central time (short notice—you’ve got one hour to get to the internet! Oh, you’re already there) the crew at Atheists Talk radio will be discussing the work of Bart Ehrman.

Forgive me

This is really low, and I’m already ashamed of myself…but I couldn’t resist, either. Behold the cuteness. (via Chris Clarke)

You must listen to this ghastly interview with Bill Donohue on the Irish Catholic scandal. He is calmly taken apart by one of the victims of priestly rape — his views are characterized as “obscene”. What a nasty little man.

I know it’s a teaching cliche that there is no such thing as a stupid question…but it’s not true. There really are stupid questions. So moms are everywhere in nature. Females often go to great lengths to feed, save, and protect their young. Many construct homes and shelters…(all without knowing/understanding she’s even pregnant) and do…