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A poll in which we are superfluous

At least, given the current tallies. But go ahead and vote anyway. The Catholic church is a force for good in the world. For 7.6% Against 91.2% Don’t Know 1.2%

Home schooling priorities

It’s very kind of this home school football league to provide their list of priorities. I would guess that #3 is very, very far down the list.

Don’t do it!

Whirled Nut Daily has announced that the Ark of the Covenant has been discovered and is going to be unveiled in Rome! I urge any of my Italian readers to close your eyes and don’t look, because we all know what will happen when the Ark is opened. You know this is serious—WND even illustrates…

There are science crackpots, and then there are journalist crackpots. Suzan Mazur is a strange writer who runs about trying to convince the world that there is going to be a revolution in evolutionary biology…but her sources tend to be fringe figures like Stuart Pivar, or she relies on mangling quotes from people like Massimo…

Friday Cephalopod: The Grimp

Grimpoteuthis sp. Figure from Cephalopods: A World Guide (amzn/b&n/abe/pwll), by Mark Norman.

IT’S STILL ALIVE! Once again, the never-ending open thread has topped the 1K mark, and is now being closed…to be reborn here once again, I’m sure. I’m trapped in an old Hammer film with Christopher Lee!

I get email

I’m getting a sudden surge of hate mail, and most of it seems to revolve around the Daniel Hauser case. I assume something I wrote has been reposted somewhere frequented by morons. Anyway, these are a bit weird. Some people really hate chemotherapy, I think, because it has them extremely upset. So upset that I’ve…

Michael Jackson dead

How strange: he was a little younger than me (but not much!), so it’s sad to learn that the King of Pop has died of a heart attack. He had real talent. Die young, leave a strange corpse.

The list of winners of iPods of various flavors from Creation Science Evangelism: Third place: Kirby Hobley, who created a post on the atheist sub-group of Reddit. Second place: Richard Haynes, of Atheist Nexus. First place: PZ Myers of you know where. Good grief, the atheists won a clean sweep! It’s brilliant marketing, reaching deep…

The return of Stuart Pivar

Last week, I received an ominous email from Stuart Pivar. Dear PZ, The work of my lab has been subject to questions and harsh criticisms, some reasonable, some not. The scientific ones are dealt with in a new book On The Origin Of Form, Evolution by Self-Organization, an alternative to the natural selection paradigm, This…