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Major earthquake in Chile

The country was hit hard with some loss of life, but so far seems to be handling it well — this is nothing like the Haiti disaster. Countries on the Pacific shore need to brace themselves for tsunamis. NOAA has published estimated arrival times. And just look at this amazing map of where the energy…

I got robbed at the dentist!

My teeth and gums are still aching from my week of intense dental maintenance. I have clearly signed up for the wrong program.

Al Gore gets a poll

Here’s a Fox-News-driven poll for you. Should Al Gore remain on Apple’s Board of Directors? Yes 48% No 49% Unsure 4% What did Al Gore do to win this vote of no-confidence? Was he flirting with Linux, caught running Windows, abusing insider information to reap illegal profits from the booming iPhone business? None of the…

Shepherd’s Hill Farm is a hell-hole

Got problem kids? Man, when they hit those teenage years they all get rebellious and willful, and start thinking independently, and often start doing things their parents would rather they didn’t. This is one of the tough responsibilities of being a parent — you have to be willing to let your children grow into independent…


National Geographic has a whole page of miscellaneous videos featuring bats having dinner. I like bats, but perversely preferred this one of assassin bugs turning the tables on them.

Where’s my invitation?

Hey, I just checked my mailbox for a fancy gilt envelope, but no joy. I was hoping to hear from the Pope. The Pontifical Council for Culture has announced that it is creating a foundation to focus on relations with atheists and agnostics. See? They should be calling me any minute now…oh, wait. The president…

They’re all nuts

You know, voodoo is a really ridiculous religion. Ritual magic, placating gods…but it’s common and accepted in Haiti. Here’s another ridiculous religion: Christianity. It’s got its own brand of ritual magic, and it’s also all about placating one god. It’s also common and accepted in Haiti. I’m still not at all surprised that, when the…

Congratulations to Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney has just been named a Templeton Fellow in journalism. It’s perfect for him. Many sincere congratulations on the excellent career trajectory. Abbie sees the bright side in all this.

I must be getting old

Because I am weirded out by this new fad of vajazzling, or the gluing of shiny little rhinestones to women’s crotches. I think the problem is that I’m a biologist, so I find skin quite pleasant as it is; this must be something to appeal to geologists, who think it can’t be sexy unless it…

For some reason, Grimpoteuthis always makes me think of Wimpy. (via Frozenly, which also has a number of other photos of weird creatures found in the Mariana Trench)