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Rochester this week

I’m off to some place in New York on 1 April — I’ll be speaking at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Webb Auditorium, Bulding 7 at 8:30PM. This is going to be a quick blitz, fly in Thursday, fly back Friday, because I’ve got work piling up on me…but I’m sure I can find a…

Yes, I confess: I am a fan of Bjork

I especially like her lesbian robot video.

Bad charities

There’s always someone ready to take advantage of another’s misfortune, often while wearing a pious expression on their faces. Here are two bad charities: Sean Hannity claims to support our troops, endorsing a charity called Freedom Alliance that supposedly pays tuition for the children of fallen soldiers. What they don’t tell you is that ‘overhead’…

Whoa. Superman is a humanist! Nice dig against Christianity in that last panel,too. Somebody needs to tell him about the Out Campaign, though.

Maybe it will loosen them up a bit

Meanwhile, the rest of us will laugh. The Republicans have been indulging in a little hanky-panky. The Republican chairman, Michael Steele, promised on taking office that he would bring the party to corners of America it had not reached before. It is a fair bet that most Republicans did not expect these corners to include…

Quick, here’s a distraction! It’s strange, but over the weekend we’ve had several threads top out over the magical 666 comment mark that I use as a signal to kill threads. There’s the ever-expanding endless thread, of course, but also the Sins of omission thread, which is now being closed, and the These guys are…

Classification error

Apparently, someone is flying around in Federation space with a ship called the USS PZ Myers, NCC-92803. This is a dreadful mistake—everyone knows I would be piloting a Borg cube.

My sympathies to the people of Moscow

The Moscow subways have been hit by two terrorist suicide bombers — at least 38 people are dead. At least American terrorists have the useful property of being generally incompetent.

The FBI is cracking down on a Christian militia group that has been threatening to assassinate police officers and overthrow the government. There are nuts like this scattered all over the place; they collect guns, dress up in military gear, and play war games in the woods. They have no chance of succeeding in their…

Acanthoplus discoidalis But there’s something really special about this insect. To become unpalatable, the insects squirt toxic blood out of gaps in their body and make themselves sick by throwing up food they’ve just eaten. Isn’t that neat-o? (via Colin Hanbury)