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On this dark and dismal night, let us turn the denizens of the perpetual conversion towards serious thoughts of feminism, poverty, the environment, and something else. (Not safe for work. But funny anyway). “We’re just monkeys in shoes.” Love that line. (Current totals: 11,272 entries with 1,169,543 comments.)

No, not the cute!

Don’t you know Halloween is supposed to be creepy scary? Yet people keep assaulting my senses with adorableness! OK, maybe the Hello Kitty shirt is a little bit chilling.

Don’t worry, be happy

This is an alien-eye view of what we puny humans have been doing to ourselves for the last 60 years. It’s all just fireworks until the giant mutant radioactive insects emerge to eat us!

There will be blood on this day

Two salient facts: We no longer have any cats. The kids all moved out, and to our shock and surprise, they took their pets with them. I guess we raised them responsibly after all. Temperatures here in the soon-to-be great white north have dropped into the freezing range lately, and are likely to stay there.…

Bulgaria has atheists!

Atheists aren’t just using languages I don’t know, they’re writing in alphabets I can’t read! It’s, which means something, I’m sure.


Kevin Myers is some wackalooney Irish commentator who, as far as I know and as fervently as I hope, is no recent relation to this Myers — the only thing I can commend him on is that he manages to spell his last name correctly. Oh, we do have one other thing in common: we’re…

Happy Halloween!

If you happen to be up around Thunder Bay, Ontario, you might see these jack o’lanterns glowing in the yard of Corinne and Kevin. Here’s another one, sent to me by Sarah:

Why do you think I call it a death cult?

Ray Comfort is great at demeaning the whole of Christianity by doing all the stuff you imagine that not even a Christian would stoop to doing. His latest: targeting the elderly with cards to remind them of their mortality and imminent need of salvation. The card, published by, was addressed to her by name…

The Rally for Tone

I had the Stewart/Colbert rally on in the background most of today. There were funny bits, there were entertaining bits, I’m sure everyone there had a good time. It was a pleasant afternoon of entertainment on the mall. But in the end, I was disappointed. It was also an afternoon of false equivalence, of civility…

America has no atheists

How sad. There are atheists everywhere else, but here in the United States, Robert Putnam says there are almost no atheists. It used to be, in the 1950s, that most Americans were kind of in a moderate, not very intense religious middle. And we have moved toward the extremes of being either very religious —…