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South Africa has atheists!

They’re hanging out in Skepties Suid-Afrika and ScepticSA. They’ve also got sangomas and witch-hunters, so they’re probably busy.

Brazil has atheists!

They’ve got Associação Brasileira de Ateus e Agnósticos. They’ve got Bule Voador. They’ve got individual blogs. Yeah, they’ve got atheists.

Too true

Hey, I’ve seen this phenomenon a few times. Read the whole thing. It’s got a happy (?) ending! With a kitten!

Episode CXXIII: The Death of…

What’s with the somewhat gleefully morbid turn of conversation in a thread that will not die? It’s time to bring on the Death of Rats. (Current totals: 11,259 entries with 1,166,933 comments.)

Friday Cephalopod: It’s lunchtime!

New Zealand has atheists!

Yeah, I know, totally unsurprising for such a heathenish country, but we still have to give props to the good work of the New Zealand Association of Rationalists & Humanists.

Remembrances of books past

Our university library is having a book sale today, one of those unfortunate but necessary events where they purge old or duplicate items from the collections to make room for new books, and I had to make a quick browse. What did I discover but an old children’s book that startled me with fearful and…

Somalia has atheists!

With their recent history, I’m surprised that there aren’t more Somalis who have given up on gods.

What would Scrooge McDuck say?

The Pope visited Scotland recently, to the great disappointment of all. They hired him at extravagant cost to do a magic act in a park, and all he did was wave his hands and mumble some Latin…and now they’re getting the bill. Scottish Catholics will be told this weekend that they have to make up…

Botswana has atheists!

Africa is a bit under-represented in my email in-box, so it’s good to see Botswana Skeptic there.