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What am I doing today?

Brain melting. Remember that call for applicants for a tenure track job? We’re screening all those applicants now, and meeting tomorrow to consider who to invite to the first round of preliminary phone interviews. If you haven’t got your application in, you’re late! You’re going to hope everyone else sucks badly if you’re still trying…

The United Arab Emirates has atheists!

Holy crap! Really? I’m not surprised that the person behind Land of Sands is anonymous.

Evolution is not enough

Really, it isn’t enough to simply “believe” in evolution: it’s more important to understand it and more deeply, to have an intellectual commitment to reason. There’s a beautiful example of this principle in Iowa right now. Iowa allowed gay marriage in the state a while back, and good for them…only now there’s a bit of…

Uruguay has atheists!

They must be popular, too — a lot of people have sent me a link to Ateos Charruas.


Of all the disciplines to use for science-based pick-up lines, why would you pick chemistry? This is one of the many virtues of biology: an authoritative knowledge of anatomy and physiology is much more persuasive.

A tricky poll about chaplains

Some people in Australia are unhappy about the government paying to keep a useless mob of chaplains in the public schools — it’s basically a sinecure to prop up the finances of way too many religious parasites. Anyway, there’s a poll associated with the article. Is there a place for chaplains in state schools? Yes…

CSE: Not crazy enough for Joshua Joscelyn

Joshua Joscelyn is a fellow who, once upon a time, worked within Kent Hovind’s creation science ministry. No more, though; he has just posted his resignation letter on facebook. Has he finally seen the light of science? Has he at last seen through the fact that Kent Hovind was a deluded and not-very-bright con artist?…

Puerto Rico has atheists!

Check out El Movimiento Ateísta de Puerto Rico. It’s a small island with mighty minds.

A $10,000 poll

Hey, this is a non-pointless poll — Scienceblogs very own Christie Wilcox is in a contest for a $10,000 scholarship…and she’s falling behind. You can look at all of her competition, and there’s not a single other blog about science in the bunch, and the leader so far is a blog about cosmetics? Woo hoo.…

These are the words of Clint McCance, a school board member in the Midland school district of Arkansas. He was a little bit annoyed that people in his school were wearing purple in remembrance of students who had been bullied into suicide. Being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of…