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Just in case you’re traveling

I have been sent a copy of the cover of the official Pharyngulista passport, produced by MinnieTheFinn. I don’t know about this “People’s Republic” stuff. This is clearly a brutal, oppressive dicatatorship. Oh, wait, is this like calling a small dog “Goliath”? Warning: Using this passport can get you in big trouble with security agencies.…

The War on Christmas continues!

I guess I’m not the only person in the world to get ranty emails from devout Christians. I was sent a copy of the message below which was originally sent to a store (name hidden to protect the guilty) which was selling a copy of the hideous leg lamp from the movie, A Christmas Story.…

Boys will be…revolting misogynists

This is a very poor quality recording of a group of fraternity pledges marching about the Yale campus chanting. You should be able to make out what they’re chanting, though: “No means yes, yes means anal.” These privileged man-children made it a point to march past various sororities letting the women know exactly what to…

Estonia has atheists!

Hooray! The land of Karl Ernst von Baer is full of skeptics and atheists! By the way, I’m getting flooded with email from all around the world with people requesting acknowledgment of their godless community. I’m trying to spread them out — if I put up a solid wall of “X has atheists!” posts, the…

Heavens! Confrontation!

Imagine you’re pregnant. Imagine that you discover the fetus is doomed by serious birth defects, and is going to be stillborn no matter what. Imagine that you weepily go to the local reproductive services to have the futile pregnancy terminated. Imagine (and this is probably the easiest part) that you get there and discover a…

Croatia has atheists!

At least I think so…I can’t read a word of their website. Hey, nobody is going to send me a link to a foreign porn or phishing site and tell me that these are the local atheists, are they? Oh, wait, it has the word “sekularizam” in there. I think I’m safe, this time.

Last call for Skepticon

Only a few weeks are left until Skepticon III takes place, and only a few seats are left — this is a conference that has some fabulous speakers (well, except for me. Since I utterly reject the notion of the supernatural, I’m merely mundane), yet admission is entirely free. All you have to do is…

Lithuania has atheists!

Someone has to tell me what “Dievu nei tikek, nei pasitikek” means.

I guess video games can be art

Not a parody. It’s a real PC game, if someone wants to try it out. I’m safe because I only have Macs.

Bengal has atheists!

Yes they do. And they’re all tigers.