Twitter Trolls

You may not have noticed, but a certain insane troll best known for repetitive spam to multiple blogs and fora, and who makes frequent references to Depeche Mode and decapitating certain atheists (including yours truly), has been relatively absent from blog comments for a while. That’s because he has discovered Twitter, and is happily spamming that service instead.

If you have noticed — it’s become a bit of a joke that if I reply to anyone on twitter, they immediately get a flood of spam from the obsessive crank, so you may have — here’s a summary of tools to clean up your twitter feed. You might find it handy.

I actually prefer that he infest twitter, since all I have to do is block his account once, and all of his noise disappears instantly, and because everyone reports his spam to one central authority which may at some point do something to throttle him.