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I’m off to Convergence, which has a steampunk theme: I’ve got lots of leather for a sorta costume, just to blend in, and my wife looks very hot in a bit of jungle explorer garb. The place will be swarming with Skepchicks, too! Also, you may recall, there was a little bet involving my daughter,…

Et tu, Betty and Veronica?

Now here’s a criminal abuse of my youth: the Archie comics were written for a time by a demented fundamentalist. How crazy, you might ask? Read his comic book explanation of the Rapture. That is some insane stuff.

Y’all remember Michael Voris, the Catholic Dominionist who wants America to make the Pope King of the United States? He’s nuts, obviously, but now we get to see him make his sad face. He visited Ireland, at the invitation of some diocese to babble about “the sacred heart of Jesus”, and while he was there,…

Complex eyes in the Cambrian

I got a letter from a creationist today, claiming that “Darwinism is falsified,” based on an article in Nature. It’s kind of amazing; this article was just published today, and the metaphorical digital ink on it is barely metaphorically dry, and creationists are already busily mangling it. It’s a good article describing some recent fossil…

And a baobab tree! Oh, no, pretty soon I’m going to be gushing over pictures of cute little kittens, aren’t I? (via National Geographic)

Act fast, poll expires soon!

Georgia is fishing for a new license plate design, and of course the god-botherers want to proclaim their piety on their cars. Vote fast, it expires today, apparently. Should the words “In God We Trust” be included in the new Georgia license plate design? Yes 77% No 21% Undecided 2%

The Pew Foundation has surveyed evangelical Christians on a variety of topics, and here’s an interesting result: only 3% accept evolution. And it’s worse than that, since that 3% seems to be just in the bounds of noise and the frequency of individuals who essentially reject the basics of Christianity. To put the 3% figure…


(via Science-Based Parenting)

Students, join the SSA!

It’s so easy to join!

Why don’t they ask this question?

Should math be taught in the schools? (Obviously inspired by the Miss USA question.)