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As I’ve already mentioned, the makers of the Expelled movie have gone bankrupt, and the movie itself is on the auction block…and a few people on the side of goodness, light, and knowledge are making a bid to buy it. There’s some reasonable interest there: the Expelled crew did a lot of interviews, and only…

I agree with Charlie Stross

He’s written a wonderfully clear rejection of the Singularity nonsense. He’s right on, 100%.

It’s like talking to a brick wall: MacLatchie is appallingly obtuse. When last I argued with him, I pointed out that the major failing of his entire developmental argument against evolution was that it was built on a false premise. As I said then, I can summarize it with one standard template: “Since Darwinian evolution…

What is it with all the quacks on daytime TV?

Anti-Caturday post

Cats can’t do this. Also, if cats could shed their skeletons, they wouldn’t be considered a delicacy.


They talk about rocks like they’re cool and sexy or something. Weirdos.

Everybody’s celebrating!

This weekend is the Twin Cities Pride Festival, and the city has lit up the 35W bridge to acknowledge it. Now where’s Minnesota’s gay marriage law?

Episode CCXVII: Just happy noises

The New York legislature has just approved a same-sex marriage bill, and it just awaits the governor’s signature to become the law. Six states now offer marriage equality — only 44 more to go. Congratulations to New York for finally doing the right thing. (Last edition of TET; Current totals: 12,620 entries with 1,412,228 comments.)

I finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides tonight, and I’ve got to say…Tim Powers was robbed. It was a mess of a movie that wobbled from point to point, with no sense behind it, and a plot that had nothing to do with what I expected. Skip the theater and read…

I need to buy a few dozen of these shirts to prop up my self-esteem. Probably a better question, but one that does my self-esteem no good at all, is to ask what they heck they’re for? I know they’re not actually for me — is there a place called PZ?