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Friday Cephalopod: Pearlescent!

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It’s all about geeky mathy sciencey love, the finest kind of them all. And of course Fourier transforms are fantastically beautiful! (Also on FtB)

Crowdsourcing for a good cancer text

Among the many joys plaguing me recently is learning that I get to teach, for the first time for me and for the first time at my university, I get to teach a course in cancer biology this spring term. I’m not totally unprepared for this — I was on a cancer training grant for…

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The abuse thread

I am so bogged down in work…I’m clinging on to the faint hope of liberation as all my deadlines are past next Tuesday (and they will be met! They must!), but until then, I’m thoroughly tied up and sweating over a gazillion things that have to be finished right now. So blogging will be light…

The Grand Republican Plan

Brilliant! This will balance the budget…and leave me unemployed. (Also on FtB)

That Nobel time of year

The Nobel Prizes start getting awarded next week, so now is the time to make your predictions in a contest to win an iPad2. I’m afraid, though, I’ve already got a lock on it: I’m predicting that Walt Brown and Bob Enyart, the most brilliant scientific minds ever, are going to win it this year.…

Urge to kill…fading…fading…fading

Steven Pinker has a new book coming out next week, and I’m very much looking forward to it. It is titled The Better Angels Of Our Nature: How Violence Has Declined, and its premise is that humans have been becoming increasingly less violent over time. I’m very sympathetic to this view: I think cooperation, not…

We’ve got another chittering weasel of a creationist raving in the comments, a fellow going by the name YesYouNeedJesus. He’s also sending me email. PZ, I first heard about you on Bob Enyart’s radio show about the fact that you turned down an offer to debate Bob. I must say that my first impression of…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Beetle TRIUMPHANT!

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