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I’ve been looking for that perfect acronym

And now I’ve found it. IHTOASMTIATCOTYHABYWABOL. Don’t get me started on smilies. (Also on FtB)

An archaeologist watches the History Channel

And deeply regrets it. It’s very sad. I remember when cable TV was new, and had such promise — there would be channels dedicated to specialty disciplines, that would pursue a niche doggedly for a slice of the audience. The History Channel would be about history, not von Daniken and Nazi UFOs; Discovery would be…

Anti-caturday post

I have never seen one of these alive before, and most of you probably haven’t, either: a priapulid worm. You’ve seen thousands of cats, which are common as dirt, but here’s something wonderfully unusual. Definitely uncircumcised. (Also on FtB)

I can draw a box

As long as it isn’t too complicated and you don’t expect much detail or fidelity to a model. So watch this guy. He can draw Rome. (via Noggin Bloggin’) (Also on FtB)

I’ve got my neurobiology students blogging — all I ask is that they write something relevant to understanding how brains work. Let’s see where their minds are at this week, shall we? Peer pressure. Cute cuddly animals. Video games. Alzheimer’s disease. Rat tickling. Smoking and Alzheimer’s. Cephalopod brains. Moral dilemmas. Membrane chemistry. Lies! Evasive flies.…


Emily Baldry is six years old. Emily has a little plastic shovel. Emily dug up a 160 million year old cephalopod. I’m 54, I have a little plastic spoon, and I’m eyeing the backyard. There used to be cephalopods swimming around in this neighborhood…of course, there were also some annoying glaciers that scoured the landscape.…

(Also on FtB)

Dr Oz crosses the line

Usually, Oz just dispenses pointless pap and feel-good noise, but now he’s antagonized the agriculture lobby. On a recent show, he claimed that apple juice was loaded with deadly arsenic — a claim he supported by running quick&dirty chemical tests on fruit juices, getting crude estimates of total arsenic, and then going on the air…

My favorite creationist web page of all time

I just had to share. Look at this sample: at least 5 different fonts, 6 different colors, shadowed text, and all superimposed on an irrelevant and elaborate background. And then there’s the content: It’s a creation museum! It’s a taxidermy collection! And it’s run by some antique tools! Savor the Creation Museum and Taxidermy Hall…

Botanical Wednesday: Go f___ yourself.

This orchid actually does just that. Explicit, detailed diagrams of it fertilizing itself below. Tell the children to close their eyes! (via National Geographic) (Also on FtB)