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Students in California were participating in a big project: they were helping to raise tens of thousands of salmon to be released into San Francisco Bay. The release of the smolts was imminent, and a party was planned to honor the people who had helped, when animal rights activists cut the nets and freed the…

Deepak Chopra reviews Richard Dawkins

Shorter Deepak: “Richard Dawkins didn’t endorse my quantum bullshit, therefore The Magic of Reality sucks!” Deepak Chopra actually sounds quite upset — his review of the book reads more like the indignant squawk of a charlatan furious that the presence of a skeptic might cut into his take. It’s largely an exercise in name-dropping and…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Dasypodid dance

Since I just got back from Texas, it’s only fitting to show this beast in a characteristic action pose: (via National Geographic) (Also on FtB)

Traces of a Triassic Kraken?

At first I thought this discovery was really cool, because I love the idea of ancient giant cephalopods creating art and us finding the works now. But then, reality sinks in: that’s a genuinely, flamboyantly extravagant claim, and the evidence better be really, really solid. And it’s not. It’s actually rather pathetic. It consists of…

They’re always the bad guy

This collection of cephalopod-themed political cartoons reveals a tragic bigotry: anything with lots of tentacles always gets characterized as the villain. Can’t they see? More arms just means a greater ability to give hugs! (Also on FtB)

Anti-caturday post

It’s no contest. The sea pig has everything a mere cat lacks: it’s cute and adorable, it’s pink, and it’s got tentacles. Once you’ve gone holothurian, you’ll never go…uh, I’m sure the local poet will be along to provide a catchy rhyme. (Also on FtB)

You missed it!

Too late! My talk is all over. There is one writeup already, there were people in the audience with cameras so something will appear on youtube soon, and the convention had professional videographers present, so maybe you’ll see it sometime soon. Or you could invite me out to whereever you are to give it again.…

(via Zooillogix) (Also on FtB)

But I’ve got work to do!

How dare Terry Pratchett release his new book, Snuff, next week, on top of the new stuff from Dawkins and Pinker? Hasn’t he been paying any attention to my schedule? It’s an Inspector Vimes novel, too. Yes, I’ve preordered it. I cannot resist temptation. (Also on FtB)

(via National Geographic) (Also on FtB)