I get email

Every time I mention the fact of global climate change, the denialists start sending me furious emails. (By the way, I know that AGW is “anthropogenic global warming”; what is CAGW?)

I think we can safely say that AGW believers are clinically psychotic

The psychosis of the CAGW cult is total. Rational thought is not possible. It’s like watching a freak show from the asylum.

Not ONLY must you never be near the reins of government, you should never come out of your padded room.

Right. So all the scientists who are citing the evidence and presenting the logic of greenhouse gases are the crazy ones, while the tiny fringe minority of TV weather presenters, angry Republicans who don’t want their industries regulated, and demented conspiracy theorists are the sane ones. It’s a topsy-turvy world for the denialists, isn’t it?

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