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Tremble in fear, and behold this terrifying homicidal vegetable! The larger denizens of Brazil may be unaware of the carnage beneath their feet, but trust me — the far more numerous inhabitants of the country, roundworms and such, feel nothing but terror at encountering their roots. (via NatGeo) (Also on FtB)

Even in pre-school. Think what fury there would be if this teacher couldn’t spell, or had poor grammar, or couldn’t read Goodnight Moon fluently. But not knowing how a fundamental property of the universe works? Pffft. Not important. (Also on FtB)

(Also on FtB)

Why, Charlie Brown, Why?

Mondays are my long, long days — this is the day I get to spend 3 hours talking to students in small groups about cancer (they’re young and invincible, so so far it hasn’t been as depressing as I feared.) And they teach me stuff! Among the things I learned today is that there was…

I get email

Every time I mention the fact of global climate change, the denialists start sending me furious emails. (By the way, I know that AGW is “anthropogenic global warming”; what is CAGW?) I think we can safely say that AGW believers are clinically psychotic The psychosis of the CAGW cult is total. Rational thought is not…

The requirements to be a TV weather presenter are fairly slack: an undergraduate degree with some training in meteorology is preferred, but not required, and the main skills seem to be looking presentable with nice hair, being able to dance with a green screen, and being glib and cheerful. So I guess it’s not surprising…

Anti-Caturday post

Now that the door is opened to contemplating rotating cats, I think we should look at organisms that are even better at the spinning routine. (Also on FtB)

Kentucky has nothing to complain about

I’m going to be a contrarian here. I think the Kentucky legislature has made a perfectly sensible budget decision. Here’s the deal: in the current budget, a couple of interesting decisions have been made. Funding for K-12 education: -$50 million Tax breaks for the Ark Park: +$43 million Highway improvements for the Ark Park: +$11…

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Looking for a postdoc?

Here’s an opportunity: you could work with Reed Cartwright at Arizona State University!