Apparently, someone decided 27 February-4 March is Acupuncture Awareness Week. I’m happy to help out.

You should be aware that acupuncture is total bollocks.

There. Is that enough? No, it is not. We must also crash a stupid online poll. Devastate it, please. It’s on a site run by dishonest quacks, so I think we have the potential to smash their poll so thoroughly that either they a) shut it down in embarrassment, or b) start faking the numbers.

Do you think acupuncture should be made more widely available on the NHS?

Yes 79.3%
No 20.7%

Somebody tell me why they have a gigantic picture of a happy family that totally dwarfs their tiny three line poll on the page?


  1. #1 ferruccio
    February 28, 2012

    Dear Mr. Meyers,

    Apparently there is evidence that acupuncture does work in some medical cases:;2-F/full

    Not saying that it is an all round wonder cure but to say that it is “bollocks” is the other end of the spectrum and frankly it is not really a display of a scientific way of thinking when you disregard everything that has been researched on this subject.

    Mind you, I am not in favour of acupuncture, only in favour of truth, and truth is that your claim about acupuncture being “bollocks” is in fact bollocks.

    It also saddens me, as a 53 year old scientist, that your readers follow you like cultmembers and trash a poll only because you “say so”.

    Seriously, on google scholar type “evidence acupuncture” and one finds many studies that suggest acupuncture to work in specific conditions.

    Again, I have nothing against you, hate religion just as much as anyone else on here I guess but Just as this ken Ham should not talk about stuff he knows nothing off (evolution) you should not be talking about acupuncture, obviously.

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