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Sometimes, following the path scientific results take as they enter more mass media awareness really is like a game of telephone — you can scarcely recognize the original work in the final summary that ends up in the news media. And sometimes, you find that the scientists contributed to the ghastly mess. Take a look…

Botanical Wednesday: Mmm, peatey

(via NatGeo) (Also on FtB)

(via NatGeo) (Also on FtB

(via NatGeo) (Also on FtB)

So this past weekend, we had the Midwest Science of Origins conference here in Morris, Minnesota. At precisely the same time, about 190 miles north-north-east of us, in Bemidji, Minnesota, a team of lying clowns from the Institute for Creation Research were repeating the same bullshit that provoked our students to organize our conference. I…

Physicists might look up and recognize awesomeness in the skies, but biologists look down and see it swimming in our seas. (via The Scuttlefish and Whales of Dominica) (Also on FtB)