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  1. #1 Barsan Jaqueline
    May 28, 2012

    to cuki cuki
    that youtube clip you mentioned was edited by some irresponsible people to confuse viewers. it was just tun being his sarcastic self when people started asking stupid questions which answers were already so obvious. had you watched the clip in its entirety, you’d realise how manipulative some people could be to realise their personal agenda.
    i was devastated when tun stepped down, knowing that nobody could live up to his standard. i was right.

  2. #2 Nagh Stelian
    May 29, 2012

    Salam Tun fellow bloggers,
    To Anba,
    1.To which country are you comparing Malaysia with?You name me a country where you build temple anywhere ie under tree,on roads,caves,government land and retaliated when given another land for relocation.I believe not even in India my friend.
    2.Tell your fellow HINDRAF use the same energy to gather all the gangsters to educate,plan,seminar,courses or organise loan for business
    Keep in touch

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