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Friday Cephalopod: Svelte

(via Deep Sea News)

The late John A Davison

As regulars here may know, I’ve been getting crank email from John A. Davison for many years now. Until recently, he was sending me his tirades almost every day — and they were just piling up in my spam folder. He was remarkably persistent. Here is his very last email to me, fished up out…

I think I saw this tree in a Dr Seuss book once upon a time. Unfortunately, all the source says about is that it is “typical habitat of the Western Clawless Upside-down Fly, Nothoastia clausa.” That belongs in Dr Seuss, too. (Also on FtB)

Carnival of Evolution 47

The latest Carnival of Evolution is at Evolving Thoughts, hosted by that guy Wilkins who usually covers the philosophical beat…but we’ll let him out of that cage this one time. The Carnival of Evolution 48 will be held right here, on Pharyngula. You can submit entries via the carnival widget; get them in before 1…