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We do not have a rational drug policy. There are potent and dangerous drugs that are socially accepted because hey, we’ve always drunk alcohol and smoked cigarettes, while there are milder, far less dangerous drugs that are damned because they’re new and unfamiliar. And so we throw people in prison for long jail terms if…

The worst diffuses well

It’s really a shame: the United States does have some very good things, like an excellent higher education system (which is declining with drooping support, but that’s a different subject), a fine Constitution, and good pizza, but what is making headway in the rest of the world? McDonalds and creationism. Turkey has the creationism bug…

Friday Cephalopod: Two worlds meet

A reader sent in this photo of a captured pelagic octopus and observer. I know…most of you are going to be interested in the mundane mammal here. I don’t think the beast has any kind of scientific interest in that lovely cephalopod.

Beware! Presuppositionalists!

I see that Aron Ra is wrestling with a presuppositionalist. Presuppositionalists are incredibly obnoxious debaters, and right now, it’s the most common tactic creationists use to defend their nonsense, thanks to Answers in Genesis, which has been pushing it hard. We agree that presuppositional apologetics is the ultimate biblical approach to apologetics. The common accusation…

Are mermaids real?

It’s sad that NOAA even had to issue this statement. But are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found Are there any government agencies that would like to take a stand on elves, leprechauns, pixies, and Bigfoot?

Botanical Wednesday: Not sexy at all

Yeah, it’s true: the most phallic fruit of them all is pretty much sexless, and is an abomination produced by cruel human manipulation. Sorry, Ray.

Harun Yahya has a youtube channel, and it is surreal. He sponsors these panels of attractive young women with grossly overdone makeup — is he catering to his interpretation of how Western women are supposed to look? I don’t know, it’s just weird — and they talk about science in stilted, broken English for an…

Worst lag ever

How can you possibly play video games with 14 minutes worth of lag? There’s some awesome engineering behind landing a rover on Mars.

Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta Island Tortoises, died on Sunday. He left no survivors that are known. His death marks the extinction of Chelonidis nigra abingdoni.