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Creationism is a marketing game

And they know it. Ken Ham has started a new billboard campaign for the creation “museum”, with a variety of different designs, all featuring prehistoric* creatures as draws to get kids and family to attend. Here are some examples: Notice what’s smart about them? They’re focused, featuring an element that they clearly know is a…

Friday Cephalopod: that gentle touch

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I may have to give up calamari

Just the title was enough to make me squeamish: Penetration of the Oral Mucosa by Parasite-Like Sperm Bags of Squid: A Case Report in a Korean Woman. It seems the woman thought she was getting dinner; the squid saw a last chance to reproduce. As is common with these kinds of misunderstandings, neither got what…

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Jerry Gretzinger has a project, one that never ends. What started as a little doodle has grown into a sprawling, detailed map that is maintained and expanded by following rules — rules that increase complexity organically, using chance. It’s cool and strange at the same time. Jerry’s Map from Jerry Gretzinger on Vimeo. Gretzinger also…

Botanical Wednesday: High times

Exciting news! Scientists are working on identifying the biochemical pathways that produce a miniscule component of this plant’s chemical defenses!

Science Writing! Online!

The Best Science Writing Online 2012 can be read online right now — but don’t you want to order your very own precious hard copy, too?

Both Andrew Sullivan and Kevin Drum are wrong, but I think Drum is infuriatingly wrong. They’re arguing over a statistic, the observation that about 46% of Americans believe the earth is 6000 years old and that a god created human beings complete and perfect as they are ex nihilo. Andrew Sullivan sees this as a…

In honor of a recently banned creationist pest, I give you…Chaetopterus pugaporcinus. It seems appropriate, somehow. (via The Featured Creature)

The wages of pseudoscience

I completely missed the disgraceful hokum the Animal Planet channel aired last week, Mermaids: The Body Found, a completely fictional pseudodocumentary dressed up as reality that claims mermaids exist. You can watch it now, though, until Animal Planet takes it down. It’s genuinely awful. Total nonsense, gussied up with more nonsense: would you believe it…