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Friday Cephalopod: Home

I am actually staying home for several weeks, and it feels so good and relaxing. So this is kind of a self-portrait, I think. (via)

I’ve constricted my anus 100 times, and it isn’t helping! I’m still feeling extremely cranky about this story from the NY Times. Scientists intend to sequence Adam Lanza’s DNA. They’re looking for genetic markers for mass murder. Why? Because some scientists are stupid. Some researchers, like Dr. Arthur Beaudet, a professor at the Baylor College…

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The Gumby Gambit

Tom Bethell is a fellow traveller with the Intelligent Design creationists of the Discovery Institute; he often publishes on their website, and he’s the author of quite a few books questioning the dogma of science. He also thinks he’s a polymath: he wrote Questioning Einstein: Is Relativity Necessary?, which claims that Einstein was wrong, and…

See last week’s cephalopod for context. (via r/aww)

Botanical Wednesday: Splish-splash

This is a plant that uses water splatter to spread its seeds, as explained on the Australian Geographic site.

Friday Cephalopod: NOM NOM NOM

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This is another addition to my αEP series about evolutionary psychology. Here’s the first, and unfortunately there are several more to come. By the way, people are wondering about the α in the title. Don’t you people do any immunology? α is standard shorthand for “anti”. I mentioned in the last one this annoying tendency…

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: It’s a hug-off!

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